Barry Obama, a White, Progressive Northeastern Liberal in “Black” Face

Wake up, Black America! You have been had once again. You thought you elected a brother, what you elected President is far more “white” than any Harvard educated “high yellow” Oreo. And what he is doing is poisoning the waters for any well qualified, competent, compassionate, African American who might someday seek the office of President of the United States.

Y’all been sucker-punched by an cabal of powerful white bag men who used your vote, yes, your racially driven 98% for Obama 2008  vote, to put a white man…remember his mommy was 100% white…dressed up as a brother in the White House.

Barry Obama may have had a black Daddy, but that man, his father, never, never marched in any Civil Rights demonstration, never experienced the humiliation of “Colored Water Fountains,” “Colored Restrooms,” or had to ride in the back of the bus.  Obama’s daddy came to America to acquire an education, but not anywhere near the South, unless it was South Maui. He never stared down a Klansman, or a racist or even cared much about the bigots he did meet; he was from Kenya, and he was always going to go back home. He came here to learn the ways of corporate America, so he could return home to Africa and make money. And to insure that he could stay longer than his student visa would allow, he picked out a liberal  “white chick” girl from Seattle, bedded her and wed her, and her gift to him was a free pass to the US, an American son, a guarantee of US entry anytime through-out his life.  Little Barack so “admired” his father that he chose to be called “BARRY” not Barack, through-out his life, at least until he learned of “minority scholarships” to increase “diversity” offered by Northeastern Universities, among them Columbia. Does he sound like a brother yet? He became an African-American only when it was convenient, only when being “black” paid off!

Now I am not saying he didn’t get with the program, but brothers, he didn’t pay his dues, and if you think about it, you’ll understand why 35% of all Black males are unemployed in this recession: he thinks like a white Northeastern bleeding heart liberal, he gets all teary eyed, talks a lot, and then does nothing.

Frederick Douglas wasn’t about talk.  W.E.B. Du Bois wasn’t about talk, Rosa Parks wasn’t about talk, Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t about talk…

White Northeastern liberals have been talking to Colored people, Negros, African-Americans for the better part of three centuries. Ask yourself, since emancipation, what have they done for you? Nothing that you couldn’t have done yourself, and probably have done better.

Now they have their ultimate joke, they convinced you that this half-white, half-African man was one of you!  He has never worked a day in his life. He has never poured concrete, operated a machine, dug a trench, worked a cash register, preached a sermon; he has never been arrested, marched in danger’s way, picketed a factory or broke a sweat, except while studying at Columbia for a political science final or sweating out a grade at Harvard on some brief he submitted. Even then he didn’t have to worry, because often his grade was based on his race, not his work, some whiny bleeding heart liberal professor doing his part to help the poor helpless negro…

… he worked at being “Black,” he worked as a “community organizer,” a job that in Chicago  is more involved with delivering a “Black” block vote than delivering an opportunity for a  Black middle class lifestyle.  But his work has been to talk and ingratiate himself with white progressive intellectuals, white political bosses and white “money men” like George Soros, who finally found a closet “Black” man they could like. Barry Obama is really intelligent, he’s figured out whose really got the power in America, the  “political system, and the wealthy donors who financed a “Black” man they could control. The Federal Government is broken, and The President can’t fix it because his campaign was financed by the very people who could care less about equal opportunity, about creating fair housing and employment programs, about solving social problems and improving education for all American’s. They care about only one thing, political power, and having that power means keeping the poor needy, the middle class contented, and rich getting richer. That’s the “change” you can count on, those are the people pouring millions into his re-election campaign. Big Government means Big Contracts , Big Profits, more unearned wealth and power for those few holding a big leash on working class American’s.

Barry Obama, the candidate promised he’d end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Who is dying in Iraq, and in Afghanistan?  It easy for him to say our brave and valiant soldiers, that’s the white man’s answer…but what about all the “collateral damage” the innocent women and children, the men who work the fields and factories, all those  common people who, like in Viet Nam, don’t care who rules them, and yet who die because we remain certain that ours is the “only” way of life, and it is worth killing others to assure that our way, unrestrained capitalism and a controlled “market driven” populist democracy, remains  the dominate world political force.

Barry Obama promised change:

What has changed? Are you safer, happier, wealthier? Are there fewer blacks in prison? Has the penal system been reformed? Are more black youths staying in school, is the drop-out rate lower? Are black teenage pregnancies down?  Are there more jobs for all Americans, for Black males?

You may say “He can’t look like he helping his own”…didn’t Bush help the wealthy? The oil companies? The bankers and stock traders? What’s the point of being elected a “Black” President if he can’t or won’t help Black Americans share in the American Dream? Where’s his program for equal opportunity in education, health care, employment?

Time heals all wounds…when will the wounds of slavery and discrimination ever be healed, if not by a “Black President”  And Barry Obama ain’t black, he ain’t an Oreo; and at best he’s poor imitation of a whigger…What he is, is an imposter, a member of the chosen eastern intellectual establishment that has been making fools of Black Americans for years.

A rising tide lifts all boats?  Yes, that’s true, and that’s been the constant refrain of reformers and liberal apologists for years. But consider this, when the tide goes out, think about it, which boats are stranded first? Those in the shallow water, bottom out first! Those who have been tied up near shore, black, red, white: “Nigger,”  “Injun,”  “Cracker,” they are beached first, they are left to dry out and wither away, while the yachts and big boats float free in the bay.

Obama isn’t about race, he is about class, he’s about rich supporters, most of whom happen to be white, and vacations at “Martha’s Vineyard” and “golfing” to relax, and most of all, he’s an intellectual who has never busted a blister on his nearly white hands.

He could have initiated a serious discussion about inner city black employment, but what you got was the same old bureaucracy moving at glacial speed.

He could have reached out to black parents (and white ones as well) to seek their advice on how to improve our schools, but what you got was a white intellectual Secretary of Education offering up more theory dressed as yet another program to spend money to “improve” education and enrich consultants and so-called “professional” educators.

He could have supported the growth of black businesses and inner city minority owned businesses to ensure stimulating urban economies and employment, but he didn’t even bother to stop in black communities on his “jobs bus tour”

He passed a health program that further divided America along racial lines, and will be repealed by the next President, because it’s just more of the same lousy treatment: rude doctors, uppity hospitals, hospital bosses making a half-million a year, and higher taxes on everyone, without anything resembling better care.   Poor people have been taking a number and waiting for 50 years, so what’s new?

He bailed out big bankers and hasn’t punished the stock brokers who destroyed your wealth. Have you seen any bank executive whose house is in foreclosure? Aren’t they still driving their BMW’s and 6 Series Mercedes?  And this after their behavior has ruined the value of most minority owned 401 K’s and other retirement funds, and erased forty years of economic progress.

He’s let pundits and talking heads blame minorities for buying into the American Dream, and for buying a home “they weren’t qualified for,” and blame democratic politicians for writing legislation that required banks to open their doors to minorities, without ever defending those who dared dream of owning a home. He’s gone nearly three years without castigating the large “to big to fail banks” for their greed, the mortgage brokers whose lies allowed people to buy far larger homes than they could afford, while they pocketed record profits, the real estate agents who earned huge fees of the sale of homes, the contractors who inefficiency and extravagance drove home prices up to levels unheard of while making huge profits. Yet according to popular opinion, the minorities who were led to slaughter are the one’s responsible for their own economic destruction.  How many White American’s have gone to jail in this the most massive fraud ever perpetrated in American History?  Why fewer than number of street level black dealers arrested in one night in any American City, or fewer than the number of Black males stopped any night in America for having a busted tail light. Dreaming, striving, hoping is American to the core, this rash greed by bankers, loan officers, real estate agents and contractors is shameful and criminal, yet Barry Obama’s Eastern educated liberal “Black” Attorney General has yet to send the first swindler down the river.

And you call him a “BLACK” President??? What has he done for you?  Barry Obama is just another pointy headed white intellectual who cares more about how it sounds than whether or not it works.

Barry Obama has talked the talk but he has never walked the walk, and brothers and sisters, he never will. His two little girls will grow up the children of wealth and privilege, the President’s income is  over a million dollars a year,  and he’ll retire, unre-elected, to an estate in Chicago, playing king-maker with the other Chicago pols who have run that urban  metropolis into the ground while lining their pockets with government contracts and cash hand-outs.

Yes, I’m a white southern boy, born privileged, but I’ve shoveled manure, worked in sewers, stood side by side looking for work with Blacks, Chicanos and Crackers. I am telling y’all, you have been had by the same people who promised you 40 acres and a mule, allowed Jim Crow to become the law of the land, cheapened your education and devalued your achievement, all the while patting you gratuitously on the back and promising to make your life better. They have mollified you with “Voting Rights Legislation, ” while denying  African-Americans the one real true Constitutional “American” Right ever citizen is entitled to and should demand…EQUAL OPPORTUNITY…not just under the law, but as a birthright, as an inviolate promise of our heritage and our history.

And Now President Barry has moved to put that “equal opportunity “and the political interest of Latinos ahead of Black Americans. Amnesty for illegal aliens, taking jobs, education and resources away from existing minority communities, and playing on the generous nature of an impoverished and continually repressed African-American community to support his efforts, pleading comparisons to the civil rights struggle to assure your support.

Latino’s have seldom been denied civil rights, and when “legal citizens” they have always had voting rights, and brothers and sisters, they are purposely growing in numbers, both legal and illegal, and will soon eclipse the African-American community as the largest minority in America, and you think they are going to care about your needs as you have cared for and defended theirs?

Wake up, Black America. If you don’t act, your time will soon pass. National media doesn’t cover The Black Congressional Caucus, because all those congressmen do is parrot what Northeastern Harvard influenced white intellectuals tell them to do. Those white intellectuals have been preaching the same weakening, let us help you, condescending message for a century and a half. How has that worked out for you? Those Harvard and Yale educated Ivy League snoots didn’t march in Jackson, Mississippi or Selma, Alabama or Columbia, South Carolina or Greensboro, North Carolina, and they were no where to be seen in Boston. or L.A. or Detroit; they didn’t even show up to march the “last southern civil rights march” with Hosea Williams in Forsyth County, Georgia . Brave, Black American males did all that work. And those elite intellectuals didn’t lay dying for your rights on a motel walkway in Memphis, in fact, none were to be seen anywhere near that garbage strike. But they sure turned out at the funeral. And you would compare those Black Men of courage and character, who overcame fear of death and endured those long years of struggle to…

…A Hawaiian bred, Indonesian schooled Barry Obama? He ain’t Black, he’s just another Al Jolson, another Kingfisher, another WHITE MAN ACTING BLACK.

Do you really believe you are treated equal, given equal opportunity, have an equal chance?

The Emancipation Proclamation remains a promise unrealized, and Martin Luther King, Jr. who I saw, heard and admired,  remains a Prophet without Honor in a Nation that gave him a stone monument when I am sure he would rather have had, as an enduring monument, a nation of better schools, better homes, better opportunities, and the certainty that all children of color, in fact all children, would be as loved and happy as those two girls of President Barry Obama.

And so I leave it to you to hear the call of History. In my lifetime I want to see a woman elected President, but before that, I want to see a  Black Man, a Real African American, maybe a veteran, maybe a mayor or governor, or a Congressman or a Senator. Maybe a preacher, or a Doctor, or a self made man, but I want to see one, a Negro, a Herman Cain, a Harold Ford, a Kasim Reed, an Al Sharpton, A Jesse Jackson, a real Black Man elected President!

We don’t need another term for Barry Obama; he could ruin it for African-American’s for the next fifty years.  Wake up, rise up and send a real Black American to Washington. I am a Democrat, I have never voted for a Republican, I feel pinned to the mat. But I will do what I think is best for Black Americans, Native Americans and Crackers and Rednecks, and my children, and their children; I’ll vote against the Imposter, the Trickster, the”white” thinking man who claimed his East African father’s color to impersonate a Black American  but who is really a White Kenyan Hawaiian who went to Harvard and got rich.








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2 Responses to Barry Obama, a White, Progressive Northeastern Liberal in “Black” Face

  1. Finally! a fellow human being that knows the ‘black’ president is an imposter. Most democrats attended public school so they are so easy to fool. The rest of America needs to take action soon, before these ‘liberals’ destroy what little there is left of our once great country. We all work hard to pay the bills,they piss away our money-time for a revolution? Thomas Jefferson said that’s a good thing every twenty years. God help us.

  2. BULLSEYE! There you’ve gone and done it again! Love reading your material and forwarding the link to my friends who, although they are Republicans, share your core values.

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