FACEBOOK ADHOMS: Georgia, when did we first go Republican and why?

My view, in response to reader’s comments, on the condition of America since the beginning of Euroamerican migration, starting in the 1860’s.

The Initial Comment made by another Gentleman:

I remember when I was a kid that the state of Georgia always voted Democrat. Ike, won, we voted for Stephenson (however you spell that carpetbaggers name). When did we first go Republican and why?

Another Gentleman’s Response:

I have no idea of the history like he does, but it seems to me that the Democrat party used to be more conservative than it is now, and it didn’t used to pander to the same groups. I could be wrong, there was that one other time I was wrong . . .

My Initial Response:

A personal comment about Southern Democrats. I am a Democrat, a Southern Democrat. I belong to the party of Jefferson and Jackson, and Carter and Clinton. Both Jefferson and Jackson foreswore the notion of a “National Bank,” which, of course we now have de facto with the Federal Reserve Bank. Carter, ill served by Bert Lance and a host of other Georgians, but worse served by his unbridled ego, foresaw the need of a national energy policy, and the need for a balanced budget and the necessary fiscal sacrifice to achieve that goal. The last balanced Federal Budgets were accomplished under the administration of Clinton. Please note that all four of the above mentioned Presidents were Southern by birth and culture, all were “populists” and all were fiscally conservative. The first Bush, Republican,  started a war but failed to finish it;  his least intelligent child Bush2, started two wars, neither of which is “finished” and both of which led to a four trillion dollar increase in the National Debt and excessive, unnecessary spending and federal usurpation of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the fifty Sovereign States. The notion that the Republican Party is “conservative” is as ludicrous as the notion that the Democrat Party is “socialist.” Both parties simply offer the extreme juxtaposed views of a Nanny State Continuum, both exist simply to wield power and domination over individual citizens. I have no respect for the President, a Progressive White Kenyan Hawaiian “Pointy Headed Intellectual” posing as an American Negro. But Romney, to head the American State? He is no more Christian than the current demi-Muslim occupant, and both base their zeitgeist on fairy tale tomes written by megalomaniacal false prophets. A final note, my great great grandfather was killed by the hand of President Lincoln (may Honest Abe burn in Hell eternally) at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

I have worked purposefully, to good effect, with honorable men who called themselves Republicans, but I have never voted for one, nor will I ever vote for anyone who identifies with the party founded by that murderous, over 800,000 deaths, unlawful, and unconstitutional reprobate. My g.g.grandfather was 36 years old, left a widow and 5 children, never owned a slave, and fought and died for his God, his Family, and his State. Forget, never! The colonies created this Nation, the People are meant to govern this Nation, The Federal Government needs to shrink back to the size that Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison,Monroe, Adams and Jackson, in fact, all Presidents through Buchanan envisioned, until Lincoln destroyed These United States, and replaced it with This United States. We Southerners are the only original Colonial, antebellum American culture remaining. I urge any Southerner to eschew the Mark of Cain/Lincoln and acting as conservatives, form a party of true independents, and draft, if not the man for candidate, some of the ideals of Ron Paul for party platform. There is little time left.

A Reader’s Comment:

Everyone seems to want to “take the country back” but the question is… how far back do you want to take it? (Pick a decade and why.)

My response:

I don’t want to take the country back, I want the States to take their proper place in the Federal system, as in:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

I want the people to understand that those same powers are reserved to each and every one of them. I want the people to take back the state houses, the state capitols. In Georgia, the Federal Government provides roughly 11% of all funds appropriated for education. Why take it? Why surrender sovereignty and hegemony over powers specifically delegated to the “States”; why not demand a reduction in Federal taxes and return to the States the resources necessary to maintain education, free of any, other than constitutionally mandated, requirements. The Federal Congressional legislation and concomitant Commerce Clause decisions of the Supreme Court are fabrications of a centralized and rapacious Federal government. The Framers never meant, intended, or stated that 1,8,3 of the US Constitution should be used to regulate the daily lives of citizens.

Go back? No! Return to the Constitution as it was written by the framers, free of Euroamerican immigrant sophistry and the deep seated need of Europeans to be told what, when, and how to live their lives. The ways of Rulers and autocrats and aristocracy continue to influence the progeny of these economic immigrants, it is in their genes, their thought, their philosophy, their teaching. Rather, they should adopt the principles of Freemen who never were serfs, never bound to a lord, never vassals: the principles of the framing, English speaking, freemen who colonized America, who brought the notion of fiercely defended individual rights and democratic institutions to this continent, in 1607, at Jamestown, not as is popularly portrayed, in 1612 at Plymouth. It is their descendants who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and who framed the notion of the American Republic, and it their descendants who won the Revolutionary War, in the South! Albeit with the contributions of freemen and liberty lovers from the several northern colonies.

A Reader’s Comment:

Bull – Yup, tear down the Statue of Liberty and all it stands for. If a person isn’t descended solely from ancestors who were here in 1787, then they don’t belong here. The framers of our Constitution were smart enough to realize that the document as written would not and could not ALWAYS apply in the future. Therefore they included the method of adaptation in the form of amendments. This is in large part is what make or Constitution what it is. The flexible blueprint for freedom of an ever changing country.

My Response:

Sir, “and all it stands for…” I will make this comment, whatever “all it stands for” means, all of that was already here, created by those who were here in 1787…That statue meant freedom from tyranny for many, but for most it meant more money, greater economic opportunity. And most of those tired, huddled masses, they fled from fighting for freedom and democracy in their native land to a place where it already existed. Again, that’s what that tacky French statue meant…land of the free, open to those who were unwilling to sacrifice and die for liberty in their own land. Italy? Garibaldi fought for independence from the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire, the Hapsburg’s, and aligned himself repeatedly with monarchs. The Italian idea of democracy? See the Mafia, Sicily, Southern Italy, oh, and the Italian Government today. The Irish Americans, even they define their American culture as “famine” and post famine, and while they have been quite ready to send money to Irish terrorists, very few went to the Emerald Isle to fight the Black and Tan. Irish Democracy? Anyone can make a good case that Boston and Chicago, among American cities, have been and remain notoriously corrupt. I could go down the list of emigres from European Monarchies, even to my father’s German relatives, who paraded around Wisconsin and Minnesota in Brown shirts with Swastikas prior to December 7, 1941.

While I would never doubt the service and  sacrifice of Euroamericans, beginning with WWII, most were drafted, and all felt the need to prove their love of their new country. I can fairly state, however, that had their parents and grandparents stayed in Europe and fought for their homeland’s democratization, as my ancestors did here in North Carolina and Virginia; fought for individual liberty and freedom, we likely would never have had either World War!

Read the Constitution, since the passage of the 12th Amendment, every single Amendment has restricted or restrained the intent of the founders, and always to no good purpose. The 13th and 14th and 15th Amendments didn’t free the slaves, the death of 800,000 Americans did that; they ended the legal practice of slavery, without compensation, and extended the vote to Negro males. Then the good people of the North turned South with radical   Reconstruction, and drove a wedge between poor whites and impoverished Negros while they lied, stole and cheated man and woman alike to create wealth for the north, and always at the expense of the South. Ask Dred Scott about liberty.

The 16th allowed the Central Planning Bureau, oh; I meant to say the Federal Government to levy Income Tax. The 17th amendment destroyed the notion of a “Republican” form of government. Georgia is among seven Southern States who did not ratify the 17th. The 18th was the last hurrah of WASP culture in America. It prohibited alcohol, the most deadly drug, the most costly in terms of treasure and disease, and the drug of choice for most euroamericans. The 19th extended suffrage to woman, who have, as a distinct gender, never shown-up at the polls, preferring to follow the lead of men and support War and the death of their sons as vigorously as any penis-swinger. Maybe Gloria Steinem is right, woman are equally as stupid as men! The 20th, in its section 3 is why you’ll see no real birth certificate or academic record for the current President.  It actually states that a President or President Elect may fail to “qualify” for office and what to do thereafter. It also makes “Congressing” a full time annual job. The 21st gave the bottle back to the Mick’s, the Dago’s, the Heine’s and all the other Euroamerican lushes for whom life had no meaning without a drink! It was the death knell of WASP culture, the mantle of civilization being passed to those who, upon seeing the Statue of liberty, saw the outline of a beer bottle. Georgia, among five other Southern states, did not ratify. The 22nd made sure no Congress, in which there are no term limits, would ever have to put up with the same President for more than five consecutive sessions, whew, thank goodness for that! The 23rd allows the denizens of Washington to vote for their favorite democrat presidential nominee every four years, Georgia, among nine southern States did not ratify. The 24th prohibits a poll tax. Thank goodness all the single mothers with one to 14 children on welfare no longer have to prove they are financially responsible in order to vote. And that gangbanger, he won’t have to give up a hit of crack just to vote the party line.

The 25th, 25th and 27th are all show, no go, meaningless political drivel passed for political purpose. Now Sir, if you are still reading this, tell me how Euroamericans have made this nation more free? How have they contributed to the public weal? Oh, that’s right; they made certain that every unqualified, uneducated, amoral and shiftless citizen can vote to assure that the rest of us can support them! And, of course, we all can drink liquor, wreak cars, kill babies, wage undeclared war, execute citizens without due process…did I leave something out? By the way, it is my opinion that each state has the right to regulate life, liquor, and the pursuit of happiness, which is where it all began.

Now, I’m going to go over the list of framers of the Constitution to see if I missed any Catholic or Irishman other than Daniel Carroll, or any Italian, or  Spaniard, or a Muslim or any member of all those other Euroamerican ethnicities who fled from tyranny only to impose their unique version of it here, Mob Democracy.

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3 Responses to FACEBOOK ADHOMS: Georgia, when did we first go Republican and why?

  1. M says:

    Quick question—Which FaceBook page were these posted on?

  2. M says:

    Bravo!!! But hey, you can’t blame the person who posted the Statue of Liberty comment, totally. Public (and now, private, for the most part) schools have done a wonderful job of brainwashing all the Hitler Youth into thinking that equality means taking the highest and bringing them down to the level of the lowest. It’s no longer equal OPPORTUNITY, as originally intended, but is now purely EQUAL. Good luck with that, morons (assuming they don’t eventually eradicate all the intelligent people)! I get so sick of the “American Dream” being perverted into meaning whatever it is people want it to mean in order to fit their own holier-than-thou BS claims! The only fault of the Founders is that they could have never foreseen a citizenry so…so…pathetic (although not nearly a good enough word to encompass what they REALLY are), and because of that, their faith in their fellow man would be the country’s undoing.

    BTW, love the Ron Paul shout-out!!!

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