Commentary 2013: Week Eight: Public Service Announcement

This commentary was prepared for insertion on a Facebook page.

“Public Service Announcement”

We all took civics at our various high schools. I am sure at each school, public or private, the teachers stressed the need to educate ourselves and involve ourselves in public affairs. Many of us, when young, did so. Fewer of us, in our maturity, do so.

I have come to believe that most of us have become wiser with the passage of years, either intentionally, through diligent study, or experientially, through the vicissitudes of life, but I want to encourage all of Buckhead’s best to lend your wisdom to those often younger and less experienced than many of us.

I have copied below a email text I sent regarding issues of concern to many of us. It is not a “political” statement; I include it merely to show how easy it is to have a voice in public policy. I know that many of us are involved in party politics, as participants or contributors, but I urge all of us to be heard during the brief…Thank the Good Lord…session of the Georgia General Assembly. Literally hundreds of Bills are filed each session by each House of the General Assembly, far fewer are ultimately enacted. Each of them reflects a member’s interest and their constituents concerns, why not let your voice be heard?

A Great Read: The legislative page of the Georgia General Assembly:

My email for today, it is so easy to be a voice heard by your Representatives!

Bull Sullivan
PO Box 549, Jasper, GA 30143

February 16, 2013

TO: Honorable Chairman Alan Powell, Honorable Vice Chairman Darlene Taylor
House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.
Georgia General Assembly

RE: HB 28, HB 29

The issue of Gun Control seems to have seized the interest of many Georgians. As a former member of a
U. S. Senator’s staff, I am aware of how enflamed and passionate opinions regarding the Second Amendment may become.

I would urge you to carefully consider the professional opinion of the law enforcement officers who protect the campuses and students of Georgia’s Colleges and Universities, both of those who are employees of the University System and those who are employed by private or religious educational institutions. It would seem to me that their opinions would be of paramount interest in your consideration of HB 29.

As an ordained minister, though I have never preached publicly or ministered to a flock, I feel that HB 28 is worthy of consideration. The issue of church-state separation looms large in my opinion that the State has little to commend its concern in the matter of who attends religious services, how they are dressed, and whether they are armed. I personally do not carry, but I am not threatened by nor do I feel safer in the presence of those who do carry; my armor is God, my faith comforts me.

While I believe the State should not interfere in the practice of Religion, I believe strongly that those in authority should give prayerful consideration to all matters before them, and act as their conscience directs them.

May God Bless all Members of the Georgia General Assembly.


Bull Sullivan

In reference to HB 28 & HB 29 cited above:

HB 28 would repeal the State Government’s restriction on carrying firearms in places of worship.

HB 29 would repeal the State Government’s prohibition on carrying on Georgia’s college and university campuses.



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