Commentary 2013: Week Nine: Lincoln on Washington’s Birthday


I was invited to comment on the above article. In the main, I find little with which to disagree. I commend Professor Williams for publishing his thoughts. Weakened though I am, ( I have been ill) I accept the invitation…


Lincoln on Washington’s Birthday


The truth is out there! Actually, nothing Professor Williams writes is new, perhaps the cited references are newly published, but my poor opinion of Lincoln was formed 50 years ago, while a student at Marist, when a learned and kindly priest, wonderful teacher and Southern Gentleman, Father Pfab, first shared his opinions with me of the War Between the States. I was well aware of much of that history, even at such a tender age, as it was well told in my mother’s family of the loss of my great great grandfather, Abram Manning, dead on July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg, at the hands of Yankees.


At this point, I must inject, solemnly but with great pride, that today is the birthday of the Father of Our Country, George Washington, Southern by Birth, Breeding, Demeanor, Character and Wisdom. To return to the narrative…


Father Pfab was somewhat the laughing stock of the supposed erudite and certainly supercilious Yankee born Marist Priests whose sophistic beliefs about the causes of the “Civil War” were no more than the idle prattle of the swaggering progeny of arrogant “victors” who had less won the War by bravery and heroic acts and more by the inexorable erosion of Southern war materials and victuals and the inevitable decimation of our cause’s greatest treasure, Southern Fathers, Sons, and Brothers.


The good Priest gave me a list of 100 books to read, to start my education, on the story of America. I have been privileged since then to read thousands of tomes, some written by blue bellied fabulists suckled on the diseased milk of Northern abolitionists; some written by rabid Southern slavery apologists and succession supporting jingoists, and many well written and well researched scholarly works of interpretive history, seen from both perspectives, North and South.


And while northern mores and academic peer pressure influenced the conclusions of many great writers and poets, such as Carl Sandburg, whose masterful work of historical fiction, “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years” stands, along with Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda, and Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin’s Soviet newspaper “Pravda” as the most blatant examples of revisionist history since Gaivs Ivlivs Caesar’s “Commentarii de Bello Gallico,” I remain unfettered by such societal and corrosive restraints. As an aside, Sandburg is a poet of great power and introspection, whose poetry I enjoy reading and hearing said aloud.


Will history ever vindicate…Father Pfab? Will the true facts of reconstruction ever be exposed? Will the cowardice and calumny of Carpetbaggers and Scalawags ever be admitted by so many Native Atlantans, who, a majority white and wealthy, are the of descendants of one or the other or both? Will the great harm to the American body politic by the well intentioned but mentally deranged and physically misshapen Lincoln ever be acknowledged by Yankees? In answer to all, I quote one wiser than I, “When Pigs Fly!”


Happy Birthday, you sorry slave owning, planter, importer, agronomist, distiller and revolutionary war mongering scion of the South, George Washington! Look what those damn European dialectical materialist soon to be nouveau riche immigrants have done to your Country! Better you were King than see such chaos, avarice, fist bumping, booty shaking braggarts, pretenders and yes, even Presidents as have followed you in office since Lincoln!


Oh! I’m so sorry, you didn’t forget his birthday, you celebrated his birthday on President’s Day, a long week-end holiday dedicated to leisure and the pursuit of pleasure, and lower handicaps. A day when the current President, one Barack Obama, could make time for a round of golf with an abusive fornicating, adulterous narcissist, and boast of it.


I should state now, emphatically for the record, that I do not support slavery, animal husbandry, or housewifely as institutions. I own no slaves, animals or wives. And none have been harmed, except my Senatorial ambitions, in the preparation or presentation of this post. I am Bull Sullivan, and while I won’t say I approve of this post, I will say I approve of an intense dislike of one “Abe Lincoln, the Little Ol’ Rail Splitter Who Single-handedly Saved the Union”… soon to be available in Hell Fire Resistant Paperback.


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