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Really, Senator Paul? An Amendment to do… what?

Good Golly! Would any Republican care to comment on Senator Rand Paul’s campaign to pass a: Constitutional Amendment that would preclude senators and representatives from passing laws that don’t apply equally to U.S. citizens and Congress, the executive branch and … Continue reading

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Popular music is the new opiate of the masses, entropy its legacy, and inertia its result.

On the occasion of John Lennon’s Birthday, A Facebook friend commented: “I wish I didn’t like this tune so much. I have called this “The agnostic/atheistic anarchy anthem” for many decades.” John Lennon – Imagine (official video) For … Continue reading

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Birthers, Identity, National Origin and President Obama

Again, on the fringes of the marginal media, we see an eruption of “Birther” controversies, fingering President Obama as an alien, as an interloper, and presenting copies of documents conclusively proving each disputational assertion. I am less interested in documents, … Continue reading

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