Get Ready for It! “A Nation of Immigrants”

Stop drinking the Euro-American Koolaid. We are not a “Nation of Immigrants.”

We are a Nation that allowed and encouraged immigration, primarily to fill the vast empty areas of territory ceded us by France and Spain for a fee, and taken by us in war from Mexico.  When my direct ancestors, 20 or so generations ago, arrived on the North Atlantic seashore of the New World, there were no “nations” to immigrate to… No governments, no borders, no customs offices, no infrastructure, no police, no armies, no semblance of ordered habitation other than the presence of earlier “migrants” whose Paleolithic culture had, for at least 13 Millennium, failed to develop anything beyond the most rudimentary and primitive societal structure. The clans inhabiting portions of what became the English Colonies were not, even by anthropological standards, accurately called “tribes;”  certainly not in the sense that the various “tribal” cultures of Africa were then and are still distinctly identified as  homogenous societies. The “romantic” term applied “Indian Tribes” was and is inaccurate on two counts; they were neither inhabitants of India nor were they highly hierarchically organized “Tribes” of people. Rather they were small groups of loosely organized, matriarchal, and blood related “Clans” just as were our ancestors, prehistoric European inhabitants.

The notion that the population of the New World exceeded one-hundred million inhabitants, as is often posited in the work of dewy eyed Euro-American academics, is preposterous. Without agriculture, societies are limited to a hunter-gatherer culture, and restricted, by food supplies, to sustenance existence.  It is unlikely that in the entire Continent of North America, an enormous area, at the time of European settlement, more than several million natives could be found

My ancestors, on my mother’s side “Migrated” from England, in fact, it is estimated that ninety percent of all migrants to the newly established colonies were from the British Isles, and ninety-nine percent of them were Protestants. Migrants and immigrants are terms which define two very different movements by populations. Migrants colonize essentially uninhabited territory, such movements are most often the result of population pressures, scarcity of opportunity for increased food production, and in the case of the English migration to the New World, as a means of enjoying greater religious and political freedom and acknowledgement of individual accomplishment and self-worth.

I point this out to ensure that all present Americans understand that the very Founding Fathers and the Documents of Independence and Governance so often quoted and generally revered, even by Euro-Americans, were thought of and written by subjects of the English crown, Colonists whose cultural and political expression, over 160 years, reflected the heritage of “free men” and a unique culture of “individual accomplishment as well as the evolution of the “Rule of Law” from the time of the Magna Carta to the imposition of the Stamp Act to the U. S. Constitution.


My colonial ancestors did not “invade” or “overthrow” or even, in rawest terms, “seize” territory from any nation- state; rather, they, by force of their will, and their sweat and sacrifice, and by the Blessing of God Almighty, created a “Nation” out of the vast continental wilderness. They had in large part, I might add, no desire or intention of doing harm to the indigenous clans who thousands of years earlier migrated across a land bridge from Asia, and by degrees, and over eons, slowly crossed the North American Continent, and, for what ever reason, never advanced culturally beyond their initial Paleolithic, “stone age” state of human development. It should be noted that the original armed conflicts, in the North, in Plymouth Colony, originated from the Wampanoag clans, and in the South, in Virginia, by massacres of English settlers and townspeople by the Powhatan clans. They struck first, and often, and inflicted up to Eighty Percent Casualties on the men, women and children of early colonial settlements. It might well be noted that had “nations” or “organized native militias” or any other form of organized, unified resistance, other than the savage marauding bands of clansmen intent on the annihilation of the settlers existed,  if any local, regional or even, dare I say, tribal government existed, anywhere in the territory organized as the 13 Original English Colonies, our ancestors would have been pushed back into the Atlantic Ocean. These Asiatic clans may have been first to migrate to North America, but they were easily supplanted as the dominant culture by the migration of a more intelligent, adaptive and diligent culture, our English ancestors.

At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, given the vast tracts of unsettled and unpopulated land, (even Georgia stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River), and given the deep desire by the erstwhile colonists to share God’s bounty as well as populate and provision the vast area beyond the Appalachians, to prevent French and Spanish Papist as well as English Crown intrusion, our National Government encouraged the “immigration” of non English Europeans as well as allowing the “importation” of Africans. Today, those Americans who are descended from post-colonial immigrants may proudly claim that they are fully American in citizenship and opportunity, just as was the case with their first European “immigrant” ancestors. This, unfortunately, was not the case with the Africans imported as property.

It is unfortunate, however, that so many of the European immigrants brought with them the patterns of European Culturalization and theories of economic policy and socialist polity which so dominate their Euro-American descendents. Add to that the African influenced tribal culture and behavioral primitivism which dominates Afro-American culture and it is easy to understand the impending demise of the culture and polity of the Founding Fathers.

Socialism, communism, consumerism, communalism, egregious materialism, atheism, agnosticism, the intense need of societal approval and the criticism and condemnation of individual initiative and responsibility, all these societal corruptions are the manifest result of European “Immigration” and immigrants. None of these words were or are held dear by those hold, as divinely inspired,  the great achievements of the English adventurers and settlers, Colonists, “migrants” to the New World, and the great documents their progeny wrote and then by sacrifice brought to life, which have sustained the freedom and liberty not only of their descendents, but the freedom of the successive waves of immigrants, even those who now work so assiduously to destroy those very rights for which so much blood and treasure has been shed, and replace our Federal Republic with a “Modern European Socialist Democracy.”





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