Robert E Lee January 18, 1807 – October 12, 1870

Robert E Lee,  President, Washington College 1869

A memorial to the epitome of Southern Gentlemen for all generations that followed the end of his life, Robert E Lee. Beloved by his soldiers, his fellow Virginians, his Countrymen, and admired and respected by those who could only defeat him by overwhelming numerical and material advantage and the economic prowess of unfettered capitalism and irresponsible xenophobia and perverted patriotism.

General Lee’s example gave us a lesson on how to live peacefully with the oppressor, how to live vanquished but unconquered, and how to live gracefully among scalawags and carpetbaggers. But above all, his life gave us the very model of a Christian waging war, moral only in defense of God and family, and fought only to preserve the very Liberties with which we are Blessed by the Creator and which were given voice by his fellow Virginians, Jefferson and Madison and made fact by the blood of Southern Colonists shed in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, in the Campaign against Cornwallis, and brought to secular perfection in the Presidency of a the greatest of all Southern and American Patriots, George Washington.

Seven score and four years ago, this humble man, humbled not by loss of battle, or war, or estate or position, but humble before God and all men, as Christ commands us, this humble man fell ill and left us for the perfect judgment of God. May he “Rest in Peace.” May his life on earth give example to all Southerners as a just and righteous man who worshiped God, obeyed His commands and judgments, loved his fellow man, and sought a better, peaceful life for all Virginians, all Southerions, of all races, religions and creeds.

Someday, after our bellies are full, after we all have every Yankee toy, every foolish vanity; someday our progeny will look to Lee, and understand the corruption, bigotry and greed of the Northern Industrialists, of the cruelty of the rabid and hypocritical abolitionists, of the lies and deceit of the victorious Reconstructionists, and of the Apostasy before God and the Founding Fathers of Lincoln and his Party. They will again look for heroes, not in the teeming masses of immigrants whose lack of piety and lust for wealth perverted the Republic, not even in the cherished memories of our nation’s revolution, they will look, boy and girl, man and woman, in themselves to find honor, duty and obligation to God and man, and they will see in Robert E Lee those very traits they seek to find within themselves, and Lee will be a hero, and an inspiration to all Americans.

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