We hear this term, domestic terrorism, over and over from the mouth of newscasters, talking heads, radio hosts, and call in guests. We read the term, domestic terrorism, in news articles, commentaries, blogs and op-ed pieces hundreds of times every day.

We are told that domestic terrorists are “ISIL sympathizers,” or “racist confederate flag wavers,” or even “police officers,” and some even call “republicans like the Koch Brothers” or “progressives, like President Obama”, real domestic terrorists who seek to destroy America.

And while all those listed are to one or another of us the very definition of the term “domestic terrorists,” they are not the real ones, the worst ones. They are not the terrorists who are presently destroying America.

No, none of them even come close to the damage to this Republic that one group of domestic terrorists are effecting year by year.

Today, for many of us, our worst fears were confirmed. Today we can be certain who are the actual authentic “domestic terrorists” who would tear down the institutions of our Federal system and eviscerate the rights of the sovereign states.

Who are these domestic terrorists, who are they, indeed?

Why, they are known to us all as the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Today, five of them suborned, “legalized,” acts contrary to the intent and text of the United States Constitution, and in doing so, they defied and defiled the very God whose covenant with our Founders was so strong as to sustain this nation through two hundred years of prosperity.

The inane assertion, on the part of these five justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, that citizen dyads who are biologically unable to reproduce are entitled to the same benefits and protections afforded by State laws regulating marriage as those citizen dyads who can reproduce is an affront to justice and it is an act of moral turpitude rising to the level of a treasonable offense.

The total disregard by these Justices for the Constitution, for their act of nullification, not just of State law, but of the Tenth Amendment; for their assumption that they have the power to assert that a scant minority of citizens may impose their immoral and perverted sexual behavior under power of Federal Law on a majority of a State’s citizens, is an act that of itself is egregious enough to warrant impeachment.

If Congress lacks the moral and political courage to impeach the President, surely it has no fear of Kennedy, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Breyer.

I personally am opposed to removing from the Sovereign States rights delegated to them by the Constitution. If the citizens of any State want to provide certain rights to dyads of any gender, they have the power to create and regulate “Civil Unions.”

That these foul and socially debased Justices would raise the behavior of same-sex dyads, sodomy, oral and anal sexual behaviors lacking any possibility to conceive or create human life, to the level of pious and moral marriage, to enjoy not only the same benefits, but share the same sacramental name, “Marriage” is not only a miscarriage of Constitutional Law and Authority, but a bludgeoning of our spiritual heritage and moral authority.

Kennedy, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Breyer must be impeached and removed from the Supreme Court, through indictment by the House and trial in the Senate, as provide for in the Constitution.

Kennedy, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Breyer are the new face of Domestic Terrorism and they must be stopped. Call your Congressman; call your Senator, Impeach these Justices for the threat to our freedom they present, Impeach them now!

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