Why are so many Republican’s attacking Trump over his characterization of Mexican immigrants? Why are any conservatives defending the “honor” of the Mexican State? Mexico is an oligarchy run by in-bred native born elites, the privileged descendants of the “Spanish Criollos” who number less than 10% of the population and control 90% of the wealth, and what’s worse, this Mexican aristocratic caste didn’t work for their fortunes and their great wealth, they inherited it from ancestors who were granted land and rights by the King of Spain. Many of these Upper Class Mexicans are direct descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors who in the 16th Century conquered, pillaged and decimated the Native American populations, all in the name of the Spanish King, the ruling Viceroy and the Roman Catholic Church.

Ask yourself, seriously, why do Mexicans illegally enter America? The obvious answer touted by Democrats, Progressives and the Mass Media is they come for jobs, for a better quality of life for themselves and their families, for economic opportunity and education and the prized US Citizenship for children born in the USA, which often provides a free pass to participate in the “American Dream.

But wait, is that the only answer, or is it more true that they don’t cross the border, legally or illegally, for what we offer but that they do so because staying in Mexico doesn’t offer any hope of achieving the life they may enjoy in America.

South of the Border, there is no opportunity for economic advancement, as all the wealth is sucked up by Entitled Rich; the Mexican notion of middle class is a peasant with two burros.

South of the Border, every night rocks with gunfire, drug gangs, murder, kidnapping, extortion and the denigration of woman and rape. It is fair to say that Mexico is only slightly worse than Chicago.

South of the Border, the notion of excellent and free public schools, offering educational opportunities to all of Mexico’s citizens, exists for very few children. Their public schools are actually worse than Mississippi’s!

South of the Border, medical care, unless you are wealthy, consists of poorly educated doctors and nurses, underpaid and out manned, and hospital staffs and facilities that are substandard, with poor morale and with no efficient Federal system to support them, kind of like Obama Care will be in the 2020’s…

South of the Border, police are corrupt, poorly trained, on the take from vice lords and drug dealers, conspiring with known criminals and more often than not, even when honest, they choose to ignore the terrible violence and drug fueled miscreant culture that permeates Mexican Police and Courts and Prisons.

Do you understand yet why they come? Do you realize that these illegal immigrants, these alien invaders, these human beings, often hardworking, often willing to take on any work, are almost always supporting a family back home in Mexico. They come here not for freedom, but from fear…the fear of being murdered, the fear of seeing their children’s lives wasted, or worse, seeing their child, or children, tortured, mutilated and buried anonymously in an mass grave, or raped, defaced, butchered by either drug fueled criminals, or corrupt and despotic civil and police officials.

Mexico is a Country rich in petrochemicals and minerals; a nation capable of providing sufficient food stores to feed its 122 Million citizens, a nation that should offer its citizens a robust Social Security System and safety net, modern medical treatment and cradle to grave aid and assistance; a nation that should be able to offer Grade 1-12 education to all its citizens, a nation that could… if only its government wanted to do so… control crime and eliminate drug lords, their paramilitary gangs, and the constant threat they pose to life and liberty .

But why should the Government do so? The ambitious poor, those seeking a better life, are North of the border, sending back US cash, increasing foreign reserves, taxing the resources of the several states and providing life changing benefits to Mexican Citizens at no cost to the Mexican Government. And those bright, young and motivated citizens, those who should be marching in the streets of Mexico City demanding change and a truly democratic government, why they are instead walking across the US Border unimpeded and often aided by government policies and agents, “a safety valve” assuring that the poor’s desperation will never boil over into the paved and pleasantly landscaped and well illuminated streets of the upper class neighborhoods of the Capital.

And who is complicit in this vile policy? Why no other than millions of God fearing Republicans who benefit from this cheap, yet intelligent and motivated, illegal labor class , relying on them to do tasks as needed and necessary as picking fruit and vegetables, washing dishes and waiting tables, landscaping private and public spaces, “nannying” children, building roads and walls, erecting steel, painting old houses, framing new houses, and all work completed by them always paid for at less than prevailing “Free Market” or Federally mandated labor rates. Even when tasks are done in Mexico, by the Maquiladoras, under the auspices of NAFTA, they are done for wages much less that those that would be paid in the US. And the factories, when not owned by American controlled corporations, are often privately held and controlled by the well-connected, wealthy Mexican elite

And the Democrats, why all they want is grateful and obedient block voters to assure that their Euroamerican version of a Progressive Social Democracy will soon replace the old, out dated, shopworn and repugnant Republic devised by White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, a majority of which were slave-owners, who saw Liberty as a gift of God, and cherished the creation and maintenance of individual freedom as the ultimate accomplishment of humanity.

Now, tell me again why Trump is wrong headed? He poses the fool, but he speaks the truth. We can’t blame the illegal Mexican immigrant for seeking a better life across the border in America, or for doing whatever the Governments of Mexico and the United States permit in crossing that border. You or I would do the same for ourselves, our children, for our families.

We shouldn’t even blame the Government of Mexico, for the fear those governing Mexico have of their people is palpable, and real. They have, as all tyrants have, ruled by fear and retribution. No sane person wants to be murdered in their sleep, or butchered on the streets of Mexico City as we have seen similarly in world history, in the bloody excesses of the French Revolution, in the decades long pogroms of the Bolshevik Revolution, in the times of the Long March and Cultural revolution in China under Mao-Tse-Tung or more recently in the Peoples Republic of Vietnam, or under the rule of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, in the aftermath of Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Taliban, even currently in the demonic massacres by ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The Mexican elite fears change above all, and fears violent change with good reason, as they are responsible for the miserable social and economic conditions of the Mexican people.

I believe the blame falls on the American People, who allow successive Presidential Administrations, with the complicity of the US Congress, to plot policies of the Federal Government which ignore the abuse of the Mexican People by their Government, and who allow puppet rulers and fascist parties to manipulate Mexican Elections and dictate their corrupt rule upon the People of Mexico, enslaving them in feudal suzerainty to the wealthy oligarchs, the Catholic Hierarchy, and the professional class which serves, protects and defends the Mexican Government and suppresses any and all variations of critically necessary “Land Reform” and absolutely required “Redistribution of Wealth” based not on inheritance or long held power, but on achievement and merit.

Our National Government, which in 1776 rose from the will of the people, not a land grant or declaration from a King, is so far removed from our democratic past, so corrupted by power and wealth as to not only ignore the Framing Father’s intentions for all men, but the very Commandments of the God of Abraham whose revelation and teachings form the backbone of Judeo-Christian beliefs which are, in fact, the foundation of this American Republic

We should forget, for the moment, “Nation Building” in the Middle East, in Asia and in Africa. We should effect policies that bring about structural changes in the governance of The Republic of Mexico, we should cause a “Regime Change” and reawaken in a proud people the reason they actually celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” and remind them once again of their struggle for independence and of the words and actions of their Founding Father: Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio Hidalgo-Costilla y Gallaga Mandarte Villasenor or more simply, Hidalgo! Surely the good Father weeps from heaven to see the disaster that has befallen his people, those who died then and perhaps must die now to free their nation from an entrenched and insufferable oligarchy. It’s time to finish Hidalgo’s work.


It is my intention to add to each Commentary references for the convenience of those who foolishly doubt my facts. Please contest my opinions if you will, but do not offend reason by acting a fool. Remember a little knowledge is dangerous! Beginning Thinker’s Citation’s presented here, see for example these references below. Do not be afraid of bibliographies.

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