Fourteen September Elevenths have passed…

As with many, I have had thoughts of regret and sadness today, and anger against Islamist’s and have seen numerous images of these towers, from towering icons to smoking rubble, but I have missed again today what I first missed 14 years ago, and on every anniversary since… profound disgust at a Federal Government that allowed this to happen, that failed to keep innocent citizens safe, that made excuses, denied guilt, shifted blame, and finally made war to distract from its negligence, incompetence, and perfidy.

That bumbling, laughable Saudi schemer and terrorist, Bin Laden, was not responsible for the death of these three thousand Americans; yes, he was the immediate cause of their deaths, but the responsibility for each of these dead Americans lays strictly with the bloated, dysfunctional and unrepentant Federal Government, swollen with debt, languishing in bureaucracy, paralyzed with partisanship and blinded by the ambition of manipulative amoral men, venal egotists seeking only to consolidate and perpetuate personal power and political influence.

There can be no excuse for failing to exercise the most important responsibility of the State, the protection of its citizens for foes foreign and domestic, and on September 11, 2001, the Federal Government failed on both accounts.

In my judgment, the last three American Presidents have individually been the most inept, vacuous and malingering sociopaths to ever hold the Office, and have, all three, consistently acted in the most inimical, pernicious and seditious manner, each with the sole objective of personal aggrandizement, without regard as to the consequences of their personal behavior, their poorly constructed political, economic, and social policies, their lack of moral suasion or the influence of the same on the body politic, and in fact on the world as a whole.

Sacrificing our nation’s blood and treasure, killing tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims, pandering to the lowest common electoral denominators, race and wealth, and suborning Congress and the judicial to violate the Constitution tolerating the murder of millions of humans and creating constitutional “rights” out of whole cloth and removing God from governance, all these acts are cowardly, seditious and traitorous.

Clinton was brought to trial under a bill of impeachment, for moral depravity, Bush should have been impeached for sheer stupidity, and Obama must be impeached for betraying the Constitution and subverting the Commonweal and abusing the powers of Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

The American People got it wrong in the aftermath of 9-11-01; they turned their anger outward toward a foreign foe, they blamed a backward nation of goat herders for the murdered Americans, they blamed a delinquent despot, a maniacal tyranny, a petty piss ant and bully… Afghanistan and Iraq… yet 18 of the 19 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, whose absolute monarch controlled OPEC and whose “Royal” family, thousands strong, owns billions of dollars of stock in American Corporations, and who heavily influences Big Banks and Wall Street.

And the fat, lazy denizens of the Capitol, your Congressmen and Senators, on whose watch the villainous act of terror, the death of thousands of innocents and destruction of the twin towers occurred, not one was turned out of office for such cause as surely existed, and all were enriched by the trillions of dollars appropriated to defense contractors, here and abroad, to defeat the terrorist and make the world safe again.

That didn’t happen either… and no one in Congress has paid the price of failure, paid down as it were by the men, women, and children in the towers on 9-11-01, and paid still, daily, in fresh blood and perpetual sacrifice of limbs, of body and mind, of normal lives by those whose struggle with the wounds of an unwinnable war, as futile a sacred sacrifice of honor and duty as was the war in Vietnam.

Three thousand people died horrifically before our eyes on 9-11-2001, yet everyday another blow against liberty and freedom of 300 Million American citizens finds it target. We are slowly being murdered by extra-judicial review by the Federal Courts, by laws and taxes passed by Congress, by extra-legal regulations allowed by Congress and confusingly written and gleefully promulgated by the Federal bureaucracy, by the unconstitutional intrusions and abuses of “Homeland” Security and the militarization of public safety and police departments across America, and by unfunded mandates and the burgeoning entitlements of permissive and amoral social and political policies of government functionaries and progressive Euro-American intellectuals and campaign donors and lobbyists.

Crying for those who died that bleak day in September, 2001 is sentimental and satisfying…

…Failing to cry-out in protest against and demanding the change of a government led by unscrupulous political hacks and well-heeled wealthy monetarists is the true tragedy of our time, for your silence will lead to the death of liberty and the impossibility of the pursuit of happiness. It has already cost the life of uncounted millions of unborn human beings, and soon, the state will ask for your life, trust me on this, and the forfeiture of your wealth to support “those less fortunate” who always vote the party line.


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