On the words and wisdom of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters:

…About Barack Hussein Obama.

On the words and wisdom of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters:

…About Barack Hussein Obama.

Why is it inappropriate to call “a spade a spade,” oops, I mean to call “The Wiz” a “Pussy?” I know The President has fathered two children, so I assume he’s not “too gay” but hey, I wouldn’t want him in my locker room, and I sure as… I as sure as hell wouldn’t leave my children with him overnight… I mean when a man acts as if he is a cross between Michael, and here’s his really delusional notion, between Michael Jordan and Abe Lincoln when in fact he is a cross between Michael “Moondancing” Jackson and Vladimir Lenin… well, what can be said about his masculinity? (Lenin was known to dislike women, which is probably why one shot him.)

Follow Obama to Hell and Back? Follow Obama up a Hill? I wouldn’t follow him into a Rest Stop men’s room. I have more respect for the Kingfish, no, not the Louisiana populist Huey Long, I am referring to the Kingfish character on the “Amos and Andy Show,” than I have for President Obama.

So are we just supposed to call “The Wiz” a wuss? While I respect the Office of the President, I have no respect for this pointy headed half-bred who has sold out both halves of his racial identity for eight years of his “fifteen minutes of fame.”

Of course, he has been phenomenally successful in performing his part in the destruction of the Republic. The Euroamerican Left, unsuccessful in electing any left leaning Caucasian to the Presidency, cleverly deduced that the malaise of the Caucasian Middle Class and the disenchantment of Negro and Latino Lower Class would present an opportunity for elective success, if only they could “produce” a not “too black,” not “too known” candidate, and herein fate (or the wrath of God) stepped in, and the child of an African Negro Anarchist father and a confused, neurotic Caucasian Communist indoctrinated mother appeared, one Barack Obama, neighborhood organizer,  Illinois State Legislator and US Senator with unimpugnable if somewhat sketchy credentials, and Voila! The Press fondles him, 99% of all Negroes vote for him, a majority of Latinos love him, and the opposition party runs a stick figure as its candidate, and suddenly a light skinned, mixed race virtually unknown and certainly unvetted  social democratic ideologue is elected President.   Eureka! The left has finally found the formula for the beginning of the end of The Republic!

And aside from the policy and perception havoc The President has raised with friends and allies over the past seven years, what he has done domestically, under the mentoring of Valarie Jarrett and George Soros, et al, is worthy of commendation and the First Class Order of Lenin. You see, successful revolutions need social turmoil, economic distress and, most of all, an underclass without hope; a large number of dissatisfied young men, and woman, who see no way to achieve the wealth and prosperity of their “BOSSES” without taking it by force, or even better, if possible, by political legerdemain. And what better to insure that the disturbing “Black Lives Matter” street movement becomes a radical militant movement than to allow thousands of  Arab “agents provocateurs” into the country, salted strategically through-out it as students or workers or refugees. And the electoral hope of Negro Americans?  Who better to fill the ranks of the oppressed and disadvantaged than  the millions of Negroes who have seen their middle class struggle and shrink, their poorest’s  poverty increase, their children suffer from sub-standard schools and teaching, and even fewer jobs and opportunities present themselves.

The Left, pretty smart, n’est pas? Gosh, I wish I was a delusional conspiracy theorist, I’d write a book or two about what’s going on, sotto voce, under the noses of elected officials and the electorate as a whole, but then I’d just be another “angry” virile white male making money off the masses; in this case, mostly  conservative crackers and fearful white Republicans;  and while busy traveling, speaking and managing  my money I wouldn’t have time to pray, as much as we, I and you, need to pray every day.

Oh yes, that would be “REAL” prayer, addressed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, and His Son, Jesus Christ. No prayers to phony half-assed human demigods, none to incorporeal natural spirits, none to misappropriated deities defiled by a violent, puerile and tumescent Arab prophet, no prayers to cow loving meditators of the sublime, or to back rubbing spiritualists communing with “haints,” or to deities oozing from swamps, springs or tree sap. No prayers to Pagan idols, none to dead and buried ancestors. Nope, just praying to the One True, Eternal and Holy and really “pissed off” God, and we’ve read in the Book, and already know, what He will do, if we don’t change our ways to His way, and damn soon.

NO liberals were harmed in the preparation of this politically incorrect rant, which is possibly perfectly true.


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  1. John Martin Miles says:

    Right on brother!

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