America as a New Babylon?

Auschwitz 1945

I first saw these pictures as a child, the bodies had hardly cooled off in their graves when they were first published. I will forever see them when I close my eyes, they spring up randomly when I least expect them. They are a monument to the frailty and cruelty of man, and i fear the futility of ever ending such horrors. Never again,we said, and while no instance of recent genocide can ever equal that to which European Jews were subjected, millions on innocent lives have been taken, in war and peace, since the time of the holocaust. Millions! I had hoped, as a child, we would end wanton murder and make the world safe of innocents, we, my generation, has failed.

Millions murdered by monsters, madmen and tyrants, millions more murdered, unborn, by their mothers.Hundreds of thousands dead in Wars fought over oil, borders, ideology, and several million more butchered by Prophets spewing their version of Truth, and even worse, tens of thousands of young Americans slain by gangs, thugs, brothers and angry souls. And even several thousand murdered by electrocution, gas, and lethal injection by the State which exists to protect all life.

When will it end? Must our species exterminate ourselves to stop this murderous madness? Surely we can do better, but ultimately it simply comes down to the value of any one life, priceless!

No child should die from stray lead, from a parent’s violence, from greed valued over breath, no child should die before birth by any hand but that of God, and no Adult should kill or be killed by anything other than disease or old age.

We can never be perfect, but we can do so much better… look at bodies stacked like cord wood, naked, starved, mouth’s agape, limbs bent like saplings, stripped of clothing, dignity and life…

… then go to your nearest REDBOX, or tune in Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix, and find a film that glories peace, love and tenderness, go on, try to find a game that promotes building a just and righteous nation…

Yes, American was founded as a Christian nation, a new Jerusalem, but really, it has become a new Babylon, and if you are not sure what I am implying, why just Google it… .

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