Chalk it up to Emory!

Emory University has always been a school that attracted sluggards, Yankees, and the children of the middle-middle class. I can’t think of a single classmate who matriculated at Emory who had better than a “B” average, and now the children of the bourgeois, feckless, untested, soccer nymphs and sissies whine at chalk markings. It would be laughable were it not portentous. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t approve of Emory, not the University, or the Law School, or the Medical School. I don’t appreciate the supercilious fops who parade around Chandler School of Theology in their ecclesiastical collars or wearing sport coats and dark suits, crosses hanging about their necks, apostates all, calling themselves “theologians” and spouting “God is Dead,” God is Woman, God is Gay, God is… Us! Really, chums, God is appalled!

The materially privileged quivering undergraduate little snots seen in newscasts or on twitter are the first wave of impending cultural decay. Their generation will be unwilling to die for anything, not God, not family, not nation, and certainly, not for excellence of thought, nor purity of heart, nor honor of ancestor.

We see daily the mindless wanderings of men and women who have lost their Faith, we suffer with their Wüstenwanderung; now at Emory we see what happens when a Christian Institution of Higher Learning loses its Faith. Without reference to its Creator, it gnashes away the moorings of Christian belief, it grasps at the greased sinews of logic and reason, it reeks of the miasma of moral levity and its pedagogy reflects the lightlessness of blind muses. Seeking to escape its deepening Sehnsucht, the institution seeks its place in the aching Calliopean bombast of modernity, only to be blown far back from the front lines, landing in a muddled puddle of mediocrity. .

Emory’s Deans and Administrators, guided only by the compass of cola wealth and growing solely by accretion, and not accomplishment, revel in attracting the well-heeled, well feed, privileged progeny of the haute bourgeois, and have, for the benefit of all, seized ethical relativism to replace their lapsed and soon forgotten Judeo-Christian Methodism.

In a mere half century, a venerable Southern Institution has changed, morphed, “Emorized” itself into fluff and fancy; into an institution replete with intolerant juvenile thugs and precocious ninnies ruled by “political correctness” and financial expediency. It is a scalawag school not symbolic of the accomplishments of the “New South,” but rather an institution becoming a vaporous retching sychophantry of the “Old North.”

And, may I add, as much fault as I find with Emory, God loves those who work, attend, or are the subject of concern or care at Emory as much as he loves any of His children. I merely posit that they could love Him better. Of course, couldn’t we all?


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