Another Red Herring, or “Men Stoop to Conquer”

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Unless this cartoon is referring to the less than two tenths of one percent (<.02%) of humans born with both male and female genitalia, it is misleading. In point of fact, a hermaphrodite could reasonably be expected to use either facility. The controversy arises when those possessing only one gender’s genitalia presumes to use the other gender’s facility. More importantly, it is the proclivity of male transsexuals, clinically referred to as transvestites, to abnormal sexual arousal that defines the problem. Allowing males dressed as women to use women’s facilities is rather like allowing, no, requiring the fox to enter the hen house. While a case may be made that men who identify as women should be allowed to dress and behavior in stereotypical female mores, allowing such males to interact with females within the confines of small, relatively private rooms, often well removed from pedestrian presence, and out of earshot of other persons is pushing “aberrant normalcy” to a new limit.

When this practice becomes standard, you are going to have women raped and murdered in restrooms; just as such acts are now portrayed in abusive rape and snuff fantasy films in contemporary pornography. These films exist now, and they exist because of the need of progressive groups to pander to the same exceedingly small population that supports “aberrant normalcy.”

Such groups are vocal, well educated, and exceedingly maladjusted, and seek support for their perversities under the guise of “Civil Rights” and discriminatory practices, and even the First Amendment. The creation of “community standards, the relaxation of objective analysis as evinced in Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964) Justice Potter Stewart’s concurrence, and the subsequent Tri-Prong Miller Test for obscenity artfully created by SCOTUS in Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973) are all examples of an intellectual and emotional desire by educated, sophisticated men, such as attended Harvard or Stanford Law, and were appointed Associate Justices of the US Supreme Court to be free of restraint and the fear of prosecution in sampling and practicing sexual perversions. Let me be clear, they are surely a few male graduates of Harvard, or other prestigious universities, who are not sexually immature juveniles longing to be lumbermen, longshoremen, gigolos, gartered tarts, slithering sluts, willing whores, dressed in some fashion of “Baby Dolls,” diapered infants, or even mildly put, friends with benefits… surely they exist, I just have never met one.

What is today a criminal act in most communities in America, a male entering a public female use specified facility, be it restroom, shower, gym, or pool, will under the onslaught of sexually perverse men, become legal, as has anal intercourse, fellatio, and now “marriage” between males. And following not far behind this parade of “…the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade” are the docile females of the progressive movement who are unable to understand the blatant misogamy of allowing males access to females at a most vulnerable time, conditioning them to see themselves as objects suitable for inspection and abuse by any perverted male willing to wear female clothing.

The labored breath, the  sound you hear, Ladies, in the stall next to yours, will likely be a “tranny” masturbating to the pulses of your micturition. Accept this as a fact, for while there are transsexual humans among us,  those men who prefer to dress and identify as a woman, without a concomitant  attempt to align physical genitalia with psycho-sexual disposition, are little more than glorified voyeurs, and will seek to promote their behavior as “aberrant normalcy” accepted by society and without, of course, criminal penalty.

The solution for the problems of transgendered humans is not to turn every restroom in America into a potential Roman bath, but rather to see that such persons receive a rigorous, thorough and personalized diagnosis, proper sexual assignment, medical treatment or correction provisioned by appropriate genitalia, competent psychological  therapy, and generalized societal acceptance of the correction of an accidental genetic error and the wholesomeness of the person receiving treatment.

I apologize if language used is vulgar, but the affront and insult of such as promote this despicable perversion as a “Civil Rights” issue is as revolting as it is pernicious.

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