“Downtown Atlanta is as bad as Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban,” said Dr. Carlos del Rio, co-director of Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research…


Why is this shocking? Many Negroes and many immigrants living in Atlanta live in conditions that are, while not similar, equivalent to “third world African countries. The lack of opportunity coupled with the absence of skill sets has created a storm of frustration and futility in community’s through-out metropolitan Atlanta. Schools systems, inadequate to prepare willing students for university degree programs, fail as miserably in preparing students for technical and service occupations, for home life, for financial competency, for meal preparation, for healthy nutrition and exercise activities and for human biology, parenting and responsible partnerships.
Afrocentric culture continues to demean woman and exaggerates masculinity and rewards misogyny, while using music as a means of creating concupiscence through lascivious rhythms and lyrics, and sexual behavior is viewed casually by males and females alike. And if such cultural conditioning wasn’t enough, fifty years of misspent Federal funds have not only failed to eliminate poverty, but have served to de-incentivize, indeed penalize, ambition and upward motility.

But, of course, Atlanta’s elite Negro Middle Class, has prospered from Federal largess and the guilt of transplanted Northern Whites, and failed to offer even a bootstrap for impoverished Negro neighborhoods and communities, while moving outside the city’s enclaves into middle and upper middle class mixed race suburbs.

For years White liberals and progressives have promulgated policies that wrought destruction on the American Negro Community, even as they have consciously attempted to destroy the tenets of Protestant Anglo-Saxon Culture and replace it with the looser morals and material emphasis of European Political and Philosophical Nihilism. Central to these practices is intolerance of any other extant or competing zeitgeist, particularly religious or racial miens found different or in disagreement with the collective self of the progressive movement. The leaders of this movement, from Debs to Obama, have sought to control the American Negro through recolonization, the impoverishment of the Negro working class, and the assimilation of those “few” negro elites whose intellect or achievements provide “proof” of the value of the social welfare state.

With the exception of White Appalachian Culture, progressive policies of the last half of the Twentieth Century, expanded and continuing into these first years of the Twentieth-First Century have sought not to expand opportunities for Negroes, but to limit them; not to encourage education for Negroes, but to cripple it; nor to assimilate Negroes into Progressive Culture, but to differentiate Negro Culture from the Euroamerican Culture of Progressives, Intellectuals, and the Illuminate who seek to create a class of citizens dependent on the largess and “generosity” of the Progressive Movement.

The devolution of a Church-centered Matriarchal Negro Culture into the contorted, spastic materialist and welfare dependent “African-American” culture which is rife with sexual disease and abuse, drug dependency and incredulous poverty is a manifestation of the work of the progressive movement’s social engineering and not dissimilar to the welfare programs of fascism and communism.
And suddenly, the CDC and Dr. del Rio have noticed that poverty breeds illness, discontent and social collapse? I noticed these conditions Fifty years ago, and I noted then that the progressive programs to remedy them, piggy backed on Civil Rights Issues, were not only inadequate to remedy poverty, but were ineffective in every instance of implementation from their synthesis in the early Nineteenth Century to the time they were proposed in “The War on Poverty.”

The very people with whom I associated, the Harvard’s and Berkeley’s and Chicago’s, the Free Speecher’s, the Campus Radicals, The SDS and the American Communists, Socialists and Progressives, all spoke of the time when all humanity would be equal and no individual would have more than anyone else, except, naturally, those who were the “Leaders.”

This is the reason why there are potholes in the streets of poor communities in Atlanta, and why drugs, disease, prostitution and human trafficking all flourish in those neighborhoods, and why they are ignored and their schools are so very inefficient. They must be controlled, influenced, manipulated, they must be allowed to vote, and they must vote the Party, the Democrat Party, down the line, top to bottom, With every ignorant and compelled vote cast, they draw nearer to control, to absolute power. And absent a miracle, they will win, for our leaders, progressive or repressive, would rather Rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.


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