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Senator Sasse (R-Neb.) Advocates Single-Term Third Choice to Clean Up ‘This Messy Moment’



Young evangelical mom:
“I want to cry. I disagree with Hillary Clinton on almost every single thing – but I will vote for her before Trump. I could never tell my kids later that I voted for that man.”

The excerpt above is from Senator Sasse’s Facebook Blog, dated 4 May, 2016. I have the greatest respect for this young man, he truly is a leader, a conservative, but is he a follower of Christ? Is anyone a Christian who would allow Secretary Clinton to be elected by failing to support the opposition candidate?

I must comment on this. I sincerely believe that if it were possible for Senator Sasse’s plan to succeed, for a conservative third-party candidate to be elected, then many citizens of both parties, in fact of all parties, would vote for such a candidate.

But no such thing can possibly happen this election cycle. And no Christian with a conscience can possibly allow Secretary Clinton to be elected.

I have prayed nightly since 1971 that we would do God’s Will, and place the value of human life above any political consideration. I experienced the tragedy of abortion personally, my first wife chose to abort our second child, without informing me of her pregnancy, so she could continue her studies without interruption. Nothing I have ever experienced has left me as disquieted and as profoundly disturbed as her “choice” and the death of our child.

Sacred Scripture and Magisterium is unequivocal on the matter of the sanctity of life. The SCOTUS decision in Roe v Wade, permitting the taking of a human life without criminal penalty has resulted in 5 times more killing of humans than the NAZIs killed in the Holocaust.

Quite frankly because of Sin, there are over 40,000,000 children who never cried, who never felt a loving embrace, who never learned to crawl, walk, tie their shoe, who never held a parent’s hand on the first day of school, or saw their artwork posted on a refrigerator door.

And what I can’t fathom is that there are at least 80,000,000 parents who care so little about life, and care so little about the precious gifts that God gives us to love and protect. How sad for us who live in a land abundantly blessed by God, a people who have no excuse that “we were just following orders,” or that “our leaders were madmen,” or even that we choose to do evil for a “good” reason, as we say when we kill in War to achieve Peace.

If Secretary Clinton is elected, if she appoints progressive Associate Justices to the Supreme Court because Republicans “didn’t like” or “didn’t agree” with their party’s nominee, then judgement will fall on those who could have prevented it, the blood of innocents will be on the hands of everyone who failed to prevent the election of Secretary Clinton.

And it will brighten the stain of innocent blood already streaking the soul of every Christian who has silently tolerated “Freedom of Choice” and now whose churlish anger and juvenile spite dooms God’s innocent to murder at the hands of those who are inconvenienced by the result of most often purposeful sexual intercourse. 99% of the time, it’s not rape… but every planned abortion procedure is murder.

Abortion not only killed our child, it destroyed our family, it ended our marriage, and separated me for months at a time from a daughter who moved with her mother a thousand miles away. A daughter I love, a child I cherished, because of her brother’s abortion, I missed so much of her life, so many of her hugs. And as for my former wife, she still has a problem looking me in the eyes.

Abortion is not a medical procedure, it is the medical termination of life. If you stand by without trying to defeat Sec. Clinton, Republican or Democrat, you will be just another thug, another SS guard, another hooded Klansman, another face in the lynching mob. God have mercy on your soul, God forgive me my anger that you stood by and did nothing to help end this horror!



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