George “Cassius” Will

George Will was a William F. Buckley wannabee…

Now he has become a Cassius to the Republic, he would “kill-off” the only man that can save it. Yes, than man is a Yankee Blowhard, one Donald Trump, and yes so much of Will’s criticism of him is spot on. But please, Will two days ago was excoriating British Prime Minister David Cameron’s for orchestrating “Project Fear” in his campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. And every criticism of Will about Cameron’s action, his fear mongering, was on point. While Will supported the UK leaving the EU, it is significant that he completely misunderstood the root cause of the election result, just as he fails to understand why America must and will elect Trump.

The vote to leave was not a rejection of Europe, for as one Englishman put it, ‘There’s always a bit of sunshine somewhere in Europe,” rather it was an affirmation of culture, of English Culture, of our Founding Father’s motherland’s culture, of our Southern Anglophile heritage. The voters who have chosen Donald Trump as the prospective nominee of the GOP have not done so, as is so often assumed and said, out of anger, nor out of spite, but as an affirmative act to preserve what remains of authentic American Culture.

And that culture is not the culture of recent immigrants, nor is it the culture of progressives, or liberals, or democratic socialists, or even a surprising large plurality of American Citizens. It is the culture that was nurtured by generations of Freemen, of Englishmen, it is the culture of Liberty and the Individual Rights of Men to live free of fear and tyranny. It is the culture first “codified” by Englishmen in 1215 at Runnymede when, for the first time in the history of mankind, a monarch, King John, relinquished powers to those who opposed him, and which, in 1297 became English Statutory Law, a code we now know as the Magna Carta.

It is remarkable how so few American’s fail to understand that the only Freeman in Medieval Europe were Englishmen! Every other common man, every other Prince in Europe was a vassal, a serf, a fawn of a monarch, ruled by a “ruler.” No Italian, German, Frenchman, no Spaniard, no Pole, no Austrian, no Greek, no one else on Earth, other than Englishman, were free to travel, or marry, or even speak up in public, and half the countries listed by immigrants to America, since 1789 to this day, did not even exist as Nation States until the mid to late 19th century.

Our White Anglo-Saxon Founding Fathers, everyone born a loyal subject of the Crown, did not create Liberty, but as Englishmen enjoyed liberties far in excess of 99 percent of all humans living in the world at that time. Even our “Revolution” was less that and more a Civil War, fought against Parliamentary powers who, through taxation, sought to limit liberty, not extinguish it.

The American dream of our Founding Fathers was not that which is espoused today by the cynical, immature and materialist progeny of European immigrants, it was not a dream of two cars, summer houses, leisure vacations, and serial entertainment. The authentic, original American Dream was that each man could seek a life of fulfillment and honor pursuing his own vision of Liberty, and do so with the respect and support of other citizens. That was and is the purpose of the Constitution and the First Eleven Amendments.

Frankly, it is the belief and teaching of Euroamerican “immigrants” that threatens our society and corrupts our culture, a reflection of their collective experiences as impoverished wards of the states of Europe. The influence of European thought is pervasive in our society today. No Founding Father was a Communist, a Socialist, or a Progressive, all with the exception of  several Roman Catholics, were Protestant Christians who actually believed and practiced, as best as circumstances allowed, both the Scriptural spiritual and practical exegesis of God’s teaching.

And it is that fellowship, that communion, that comity, that helpfulness, that neighborliness, that sense of community which is most missed in the life of modern Americans. Common men are seldom greedy and righteous men know that wealth is in the faces of their family; they wish only to be rewarded for the work they do, and do so well, on a just and equitable basis. The reward they seek, and are so often denied, is to provide comfort and security for their spouse and children, and leave the world a better, kinder place than was left to them.

George Will, and so many other pseudo-intellectuals and effete snobs fail to grasp just what makes common people, English speaking common people, content.

I don’t suffer Yankees well, but I’ll state this without reservation, the children of Donald Trump are well mannered, hard working, and of apparent high moral character. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If Donald Trump is a hypocrite, than his hypocrisy would appear to be far more virtuous in execution than any other politician of whom I have knowledge. I judge a man not by what he speaks, nor by sound bites or tweets, nor media ambushes, but by his fruits. Trump has decent hard working children, he has treated arguably too many wives well in marriage and divorce, he has built a successful business, be does not use drugs and is only mildly eccentric. Cincinnatus might well have been such a man. Cassius was not.

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