A Guide to Intercessory Prayers for the Order of Morning and of Evening Prayer

As Written in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer
And spoken in worship by
The Community of His Glorious Incarnation

…Finally, we commend to thy fatherly goodness all those who are any ways afflicted, or distressed, in mind, body or estate; {especially those for whom our prayers are desired}…

Pastoral Guidance:

Here, using the Celebrant’s prayer as a guide, pray especially for those for whom your prayers are needed, reciting not a list, but writing your story of hope and blessings for each of those you love in the Lord’s Book of Life. Pray quietly but not silently, earnestly asking God’s Grace on the subjects of your prayer, but always willingly accepting His will, and rejoicing in His mercy, regardless of when or how your prayers are answered. Understand, God hears the prayers of all who love Him.

As His child and as Abbot of the Community of His Glorious Incarnation, I share my daily prayer with you here. This is my response to the entreaty  …to commend to His fatherly goodness all… As I lead the Prayer Service I follow this format to give spoken form to my thoughts and heart’s desire to give praise and glory to our Father God, which I voice quietly in concert with your prayers, so that my prayers and your prayers will rise to God as a chorus of murmured Praise and Supplication, as lilting songs of Hope and Thanksgiving! A spoken Psalm of Love from us meant for our Father’s ear, lauding His Mercy and worshipping and glorifying Him; the God who breathed us into life, freed us from sin through His Son’s death, and shares His Spirit with all who obey unto Life Eternal.

The Pastor’s personal prayers are italicised, and change daily. As you construct your prayer guide, substitute your personal prayers. Please email your prayer guide to the Community email: prayerguide@gloriousincarnation.org Your intercessions and supplications will be prayed aloud, and along with other’s prayers, will rise as a chorus of Faith and Love, Glorifying His Holy Name!

LORD, we pray for those from our family, those whom you have left in our care:

We pray for my daughter Bonny,
We pray for her mother, Joy.
We pray for my son Brendan,
We pray for his mother, Mary Lee.
We pray for my sister, Kathleen,
We pray for my brother, John.
We pray for Patrick and Allen.

LORD, we pray for those from our family who have departed this world in your Faith and Fear:

We pray for my mother Bernie, God have mercy upon her soul!

We pray for my father Leo, God have mercy upon his soul!

We pray for my mother-in-law Mrs. Jordan, God have mercy upon her soul!

We pray for my father-in-law Doctor Jordan, God have mercy upon his soul!

We pray for my brother Bart, God have mercy upon his soul!

We pray for my wife Linda Maria, God have mercy upon her soul!

God have mercy upon me for my transgressions against “Sam” (Linda Maria) and Bart.

LORD: my Act of Contrition against others: 

LORD, forgive me my sins against those named herein, and against all those whom I have trespassed against both named here and throughout my earthly life. For in trespassing against them, I sinned grievously against You, Lord, and I am truly contrite and heartbroken to have done so. Restore to those I have trespassed against and so deeply hurt the joy of life I took from them, restore to them the Peace of God you gave to them, forgive them any sins committed in response to my selfish, willful and wicked acts, and grant them absolution, both those in life and those in death, and draw them all near to Your eternal throne. Amen

LORD, Bless the children and grandchildren of this family, and pour out your healing Grace on each of them:

Lord Bless Mary Beth and Ward, and their children Hunter and Anne Louise.               Lord Bless Frank and Aimee, and their children Nathan, Ian, Andrew and Anna.
Lord Bless Drew and Selena, and their children Charlie, Maddie and Ellie
Lord Bless the children of Linda Maria, Kendrick and his family and Maria Kathrine and her family. And, Lord, bring Ken and Kathy closer to your eternal Church.

Lord Bless Mary Lee, Lord Bless her sisters and their families, Lord Bless Bonny Joy, Lord Bless Brendan Leo, Lord Bless Unknown and Unborn Children, Lord Bless their Mothers, Lord Bless me.

Lord Bless the marriage of Ryan and Kate, and give strength, courage, and discernment to Catherine and her father Gene; to Christine and her mother, sister and father; to Tonya and her family, and Lord Bless the union of Brendan and Tonya, and lead them into the Holy Sacrament of Covenant Marriage.

 Lord Bless my cousins near and far, especially, Gloria, Vonnie, Blair, Molly, Paulette, Michael and Bridget, and Lord Bless my aunts near and far, especially Wooty, Betty and Gladys. Lord Bless Robert and Ocie.

LORD, Bless and pour Your strengthening Grace upon those who, in the struggles of daily life, seek to follow the Way of Jesus Christ, the straight and narrow path, and who, even in their failure to perfectly follow His path, give honor, glory and praise to your Holy Name and to the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer:

Lord Bless Marhonda, Jeff and their family; Lord Bless Trista, Casey and their family; Lord Bless Ashley and her children; Lord Bless Ashley, Deano their daughter Millie; Lord Bless Rosa Lee, her friends and family, her children and grandchildren; Lord Bless Rhonda and Billy Joe, their friends and family, their children and grandchildren; and Lord pour your Divine Blessing on the family of Shannon and Dusty and their children Bailie, Clara, Ryland, and Wyatt; and, as well, on the family of Jonathan and Christie and their children Ashland and Dustin. Lord Bless Elizabeth and her husband, Lord Bless Elizabeth’s mother, Marcie; Lord Bless Vickie and Mark; and Lord Bless your chaplain at Kroger, LeeAnn.

LORD, we ask Your Blessings and Grace on the souls of those departed from us:

Lord, we ask your Blessings and Grace on the souls of our departed neighbors, Joan, and her husband Ron.  May God have mercy on their souls!

Lord, we ask your Blessings and Grace on the soul of our departed classmate Michael. May God have mercy on his soul!

Lord, we ask your Blessings and Grace on the soul of our departed classmate Frank. May God have mercy on his soul!

Lord, we ask Your Blessings and Grace on the soul of our niece Katie’s husband, Will. God have mercy upon his soul!

Lord, we ask your Blessings and Grace on the soul of Aimee’s father, Robert. May God have mercy on his soul!

Lord, we ask your Blessings and Grace on the soul of Ward’s father, Edward.  May God have mercy upon his soul!

LORD, we beg your comfort and consolation on those who await reunion with their loved ones at the very gates of Heaven:

Vonnie, Marcie, Ann Marie, Frances, Katie, Linda and Anne. And, as well, we beg your comfort and Grace on those married couples whose life-long devotion to Your Word, to each other, to their children, indeed to their extended family is, before your Son’s eyes, the very epitome of Christian Charity and whose Sacrament of Marriage is sealed by a Sacred Covenant between themselves and you, Almighty God!

Lord Bless John and Sharon, Lord Bless Carol and Bob, Lord Bless Louis and Phyllis, Lord Bless John and Beverly, Lord Bless Robert and Susan, Lord Bless Frank and Aimee, and rekindle in Frank and Aimee’s hearts the joy of their first love for each other. Lord Bless Mary Lee and myself, and heal and strengthen Mary Lee so that she will, for years to come, love, nurture and enjoy her children and grandchildren.

LORD, I confess my sins before You, and beg Your Mercy and Forgiveness:

Lord, forgive me my sins against my wife Mary Lee, and against all whom I have loved, and cleanse my soul from all abominations and cruelties, and heal and strengthen me so that I may become a better man, a better husband, a better father and a righteous shepherd of Your sheep.

LORD, we thank and praise You for your gift of healing the body mind and soul of each of us as often as we ask You to do so and we ask your healing grace on:

(Brothers and Sisters in Christ, call out the names of those who are ill in body, mind or spirit so we may join you in prayer for them. Insert the names of those needing the Lord’s healing Blessings here:)

Lord Bless and heal my sister, Kathleen. Lord Bless and heal Frank’s wife, Aimee. Lord Bless and heal Leeann’s Aunt, Glenice Mathews. Lord Bless and heal Rhonda Tant. Lord Bless and heal Joy Denham. Lord Bless and heal Bonny Sullivan. Lord Bless and heal Rhonda Tant, Lord Bless and heal Marhonda Campbell, Lord Bless and heal Terri Bevins, Lord Bless and heal Mary Lee Jordan. Lord Bless and heal heinz Schmid. Lord Bless and heal me.

Lord, we thank and praise you for your love of us which is unfathomable and profound.

Lord, we pray that it may please thee to comfort and relieve us, according to our several necessities; giving us patience under our sufferings, and a happy issue out of all our afflictions. And this we beg for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

This is the day the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it!(Psalm 118) Alleluia! Alleluia! Blessed be the name of God, Blessed be His Holy Name!

Here ended the Order of Evening Prayer.

Let us go forth in Peace, knowing that God loves us all, everyone!

+In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen. (Matt 28:19)+

The Jubilate of the Community of the Glorious Incarnation:

Alleluia, Alleluia!

This is the day the Lord has made.
Let us give thanks and praise to the Lord our God,
For the Lord our God is Just and Merciful,
and His creation is Beauteous, Boundless and Eternal!

Alleluia, Alleluia! Blessed be the name of God, Blessed be His Holy Name!

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A Note:

As of today, 23 August, 2017, the site www.GloriousIncarnation.org remains incomplete, and is not yet available. The page citation, Page 11, above, refers to the scrolling text therein of the pages of The Order for Daily Evening Prayer, and as found in the text of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, beginning at Page 21, and as cited at Page 33 of the BCP.men!

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