Impeach the Bishop of Rome!

The names of the 14 Catholic US Senators who voted against the 20-week abortion ban are:

Maria Cantwell – Washington
Susan Collins -Maine
Dick Durbin – Illinois
Kirsten Gillibrand – New York
Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota
Tim Kaine – Virginia
Patrick Leahy – Vermont
Ed Markey – Massachusetts
Catherine Cortez Masto – Nevada
Claire McCaskill – Missouri
Bob Menendez – New Jersey
Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
Patty Murray – Washington
Jack Reed – Rhode Island

I, for years, vociferously asserted to the RC hierarchy in America the need to act “ex cathedra” and excommunicate any and all communicants who would not repudiate their public support of Abortion Rights. Some few have done so, but the majority of American Bishops either choose to deny the Eucharist to these heretics, or do nothing at all for fear of Papal intervention. While I greatly respect the personal moral integrity of so many American Roman Catholic Bishops I am saddened by the lack of institutional fortitude they demonstrate en masse on this issue.

Denying Holy Communion is no punishment, after all, all children are denied before First Communion, and all non-confirmed, non-Catholic adults are also denied, as are, theoretically, all divorcees and all who fail to examine their conscience and make a sincere, complete confession prior to receiving the Body of Christ. Only through a Published Writ of Excommunication Vitandi may the sinner be reproved and dismissed from the congregation, and only then may the cost of eternal damnation be made apparent to the sinner, to the family and to the Church community in whole.

When the spouses of these flagrant Senatorial reprobates are informed that their intercourse with the same is sinful and prohibited, that their children may no longer attend Parochial Schools paying RC tuition, and that they are in a state of mortal sin and are risking eternal damnation in supporting and promulgating the murder of innocents, then we shall see true spiritual conversion, and a sea change of sentiment among all Roman Catholic communicants.

James Cardinal McIntyre acted to effect my excommunication, and although I never received a formal Writ… which I might add I would have framed and proudly displayed… he did succeed in hastening my ordination as an Anglican Cleric. For this I am ever thankful, if totally unworthy and ill conformed even to that denomination.

The question I would ask of all Roman Catholic Communicants is this: Where in the Bible, even in the eminent and often beautiful Douay Rheims Translation, is the Bishop of Rome given authority over all other Bishops? The folly of that belief is proven in the present election of the Bishop of Rome as Pontiff, Pope Francis, a progressive socialist liberationist theologian of dubious and cowardly character… where was he when the government of his country murdered of thousands of students and activists who shared his beliefs?… and who now promotes liberal and sinful and degrading human behavior as preferred and even encouraged Magisterium?

In the sixth grade I asked Sister Superior why the Bishop of Rome held sway over American Catholics, who at that time provided the majority of funds for the activity of the Holy See, and whose Bishops, many of whom were immigrants, all of whom were unmarried, did nothing to end the insidious discrimination of racism and blatant anti-Semitic palaver of Catholic Lay organizations, and the obvious misogyny of the Baltimore Catechism. I was slapped and counseled and punished by her, God Bless Her, (I thought myself a martyr) but surely you can see that in the near six decades hence, little appears to have changed.

A favorite Novel and later Movie of mine, “The Cardinal” ( just a little better than “The Robe”), dealt with the issues I address in this comment, Abortion among them, and that  Novel was written in 1959, and the Movie released in 1963. Fifty Five  years later nothing of fact or fiction has changed!

Abortion and infanticide was a major concern of First and Early Christians, and either act was a heinous act against charity and the very fact that we humans, all humans, are, from conception, created in the image and likeness of God!

American Catholics would do well to cast off the Imperial mien of the Roman Church and reform the Church in America after the manner of the First Evangelists and with the inspiration, as then, of the Holy Ghost. For as much as it may seem an “Obama” could be the Anti-Christ, how much easier would it be for Lucifer to sit his minion on the throne of the Bishop of Rome? Could the Pontiff’s worldwide influence and a nascent loosening of moral Magisterium,  increasing moral laxity among the Laity, the practice of Catholic Universities, here and elsewhere, allowing heresy and moral ambiguity and sexual perversity to be discussed, debated and taught on campus, all be signs of a growing demonic influence within the Papacy?

Do we not have ears to listen, and yet are we deaf… eyes to see and yet are we blind? I am not going to quote the many Chapter and Verses in the Bible, OT and NT which inform us of our ignorance and arrogance of the Word of God; I would be too “Protestant” sounding for a majority of American Roman Catholics. But consider the schism that could result from following the truth: an autonomous American Catholic Church!  Think, as we American materialists are wont to do, of the incredible power and influence of such a Denomination.  Consider the sheer monetary size and social value of that Church’s Annual Communicant’s Tithe… Why every catholic child could attend a parochial school, tuition free! Just as St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton would have it! And wouldn’t Catholic Hospitals and Charities again blossom eliminating absurd hospital charges and medical fees and outrageous overhead and excess revenue, and providing health care and healing for all, including  the weak and needy? Just as Sister Irene Fitzgibbon and Dorothy Day would have it!

American Catholic thought has always been the “soul” of Charity and the “lamp” of Piety. Rome has always had little to do with either, and what Papal Encyclicals of merit issued were you ever required by your Bishop to read,  consider and confess? What moral demand has the Bishop of Rome, or your local Bishop ever made of you? Heed the call, demand your Bishop Excommunicate Vitande any communicant who supports Abortion Rights! I mean you, reading this comment, or your mom, cousin, neighbor, your priest; this is a real and eternal litmus test, for if you believe it is right to take the life of an innocent, only God’s mercy will spare you from eternal damnation, and no Christian minister may preach otherwise!

These Roman Catholic Senators who deny the inchoate human beings protection from indiscriminate Abortion are in a state of Mortal Sin and in imminent danger of eternal damnation. And those Bishops and Priests who fail to inform and guide these Senator’s moral deliberations and fail to hold them accountable before the Law of God are just as culpable, and just as damned.

Impeach Obama, Impeach Trump? Child’s play! Impeach Pope Francis! Now that’s the work of Serious Christians!

God Bless all + + +


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