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Thoughts on the Death of 17 High School Students.

What to do with those who so grieviously hurt, maim and kill others: A simple humane solution: Lobotomy, Sterilization, Castration. All three treatments have been excoriated by progressive liberal psychologists, sociologist and medical practitioners, citing pejorative studies published between 90 … Continue reading

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George “Cassius” Will

George Will was a William F. Buckley wannabee… Now he has become a Cassius to the Republic, he would “kill-off” the only man that can save it. Yes, than man is a Yankee Blowhard, one Donald Trump, and yes so … Continue reading

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Prince Rogers Nelson, RIP

It’s this Prince thing. I don’t understand this public mourning, this sadness over his death. In fact, I find it disturbing in so many ways. It is one thing to appreciate the artistic talent of a performer, it is quite … Continue reading

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