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Thoughts on the Death of 17 High School Students.

What to do with those who so grieviously hurt, maim and kill others: A simple humane solution: Lobotomy, Sterilization, Castration. All three treatments have been excoriated by progressive liberal psychologists, sociologist and medical practitioners, citing pejorative studies published between 90 … Continue reading

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Impeach the Bishop of Rome!

The names of the 14 Catholic US Senators who voted against the 20-week abortion ban are: Maria Cantwell – Washington Susan Collins -Maine Dick Durbin – Illinois Kirsten Gillibrand – New York Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota Tim Kaine – … Continue reading

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WHY THEY REALLY REMOVED “MARSE ROBERT’S” STATUE Ah, come on folks… The good citizens of New Orleans needed an empty pedestal to commemorate the courage and heroism of the greatest African American of them all, The African American Father! You … Continue reading

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