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Did we just vote to abstain from Christmas?

My Sermon for Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016 What is unclean can not be Righteous, nor can a Nation whose people serve Lucifer… Today, in the Security Council of the United Nations we voted to abstain in the matter of … Continue reading

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George “Cassius” Will

George Will was a William F. Buckley wannabee… Now he has become a Cassius to the Republic, he would “kill-off” the only man that can save it. Yes, than man is a Yankee Blowhard, one Donald Trump, and yes so … Continue reading

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Francis, God is looking…

Man and Nature? Who is this man, the erstwhile Bishop of Rome, surrounded by billions of dollars of Art and Gold Bullion, King of his own Oligarchy, who is he to talk of Greed? The History of Europe is so … Continue reading

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