Ah, come on folks… The good citizens of New Orleans needed an empty pedestal to commemorate the courage and heroism of the greatest African American of them all, The African American Father! You know, the one who respects women*, stays with and supports his family**, working Monday through Friday***, plays ball with his boys on Saturday, and takes his kids, along with their only mom****, to Church on Sunday*****.

And just as soon as they find such a man, they’ll have a statue of him made to place atop that empty pedestal!


Seem harsh? Do a little research, determine the facts and draw your own conclusions. One of my conclusions is that it is generally correct and demonstrably factual to assert that a significant percentage of the American Negro Male Population has shirked their responsibility as a father, as a parent, as a husband.

Start your research with these references:

* See, for instance: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/299165992

** See, for instance:  http://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/tables/107-children-in-single-parent-families-by#detailed/1/any/false/573,869,36,868,867/10,11,9,12,1,185,13/432,431

*** See, for instance: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t02.htm

**** See, for instance: http://www.prb.org/Multimedia/Video/2011/multipartner-childbearing-policy-seminar.aspx

***** See, for instance: http://www.pewforum.org/2009/01/30/a-religious-portrait-of-african-americans/


My initial research tabs for this meme and commentary:




A Religious Portrait of African-Americans


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Nixon was still president and Vietnam was still a hot zone when Paul Bianchi became headmaster of Paideia. The times were ripe for a progressive school, and PAIDEIA IS UNABASHEDLY PROGRESSIVE, AS IN LEFT OF CENTER, as in they field an “ultimate” (Frisbee) team.

“But we still make the trains run on time,” Bianchi quips. “This is not a free-form school; it has a structure to it. Sometimes people look at progressive schools and think there is no structure. But we have expectations; we believe that you grow if you work hard.

“So we have a clear structure and expectation of behavior, and doing your work. Looking at the academic success these kids have had, it’s not happenstance.”

Grillo, Jerry  “ A Common Vision” Georgia Trend October 2010  Google Search Web “Paul Bianchi” 16 May 2017

Ossoff was born on February 16,1987 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in Northlake, an unincorporated community in Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Ossoff attended the PAIDEIA SCHOOL, a small private school in Atlanta. While in high school, he interned for Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.

“Jon Ossoff” n.d. in Wikipedia 05-16-2017

The case is clear, raised in the most progressive neighborhood, the enclaves surrounding Lavista Road in the Northlake neighborhood of Atlanta, Ossoff, through-out his formative years, attended an exclusive, expensive Eurocentric school, The Paideia School, which for over forty years has promoted the Euroamerican philosophies of Egalitarianism and Multicultural Diversity with a passion reminiscent of the halcyon days of Patrice Lumumba University, Moscow, USSR. Led by its Boston born and bred, Harvard educated Headmaster, Paul Bianchi; few secondary schools in America can claim as much success in graduating left-leaning progressive activists and denigrators of traditional American culture as The Paideia School.

Apologists for socialism, the rabid anti-materialists, the tree hugging urban agronomists, the color-blind, gender neutral (but seriously emasculated) boys and (fem fascists) girls have graduated and gone forth into colleges and universities to seek fellow travelers and convert the college aged children of even the most moderate capitalists into marching Marxists, laughing Leninists, aligned Alinskists and obdurate Obamanists. And believe me, these free thinking radicals are on the march, with the sole desire to seize the Laurel Wreath from the brow of those who have earned the right to wear one, and in doing so to render all humans equal, not only in the natural rights with which we are endowed by our Creator at conception, but equal in the distribution of wealth and privilege and position regardless of intelligence, effort or result.

Just as three generations of Soviet school children were exposed and inculcated with the propaganda of the bliss of a simian state of equality of submission to the concept of an egalitarian culture, the remnants of which persist today in the acceptance of Russian despotism by the majority of Russian citizens, children attending The Paideia School are exposed to the most corrosive ideologies of contemporary educational pedagogy, egalitarianism and diversity.

“Egalitarianism” is simply a synonym for “Tyranny of the Masses,” and “Diversity” a synonym for “Equality of Outcome.” Both terms and their synonymous meanings are inimical to American culture and destructive to every principle held dear and promulgated by our Founding fathers. While seemingly appealing to our better nature, we have seen the effect their political implementation has had of millions of humans, in the terror of the French Revolution (liberté égalité fraternité) and the continued instability of the French Republics that followed; in the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia and the imposition of a totalitarian regime that for seven decades extolled the cheapness of individual life and achievement and promoted the  value benefit of self-sacrifice for the common good; and we saw the hysteria of a homogenous population seeking absolute egalitarianism absent any diversity (the ideal result of those today extolling “Diversity” in America) in the murderous Cultural Revolution of the recent past in the People’s Republic of China.

Now we see the youth of America being educated and radicalized by educators whose belief in the discredited and failed social progressive policies of European Nation States defies logic and understanding, until it is understood as the thwarted ambitions of many first and second generation European immigrants, unable still to grasp the true genius of the American Republic: That society and government can acknowledge and assure a citizen’s Equality in only three conditions, at Birth, as an endowment of the Creator (understanding, as did our Founders, that the Citizen’s right to life began at conception); in Opportunity, limited only by the Citizen’s desire to accomplish self-set goals, and before the Law, as in conformity to cultural standards agreed to by a majority of Citizens. Any other promulgation of equality is a reflection of the impotence, fear, anger and ultimate delusion of the person holding such expansive definition and desire of equality, and it inevitably results in the imposition of their perverted notion of equality on a population which fails to hold the same belief. Tyranny!

For fifty years, educators such as Paul Bianchi have proselytized the value of non-competitive, gender neutral, peace seeking humane eco-loving students, in an Euro-American pedagogical tradition that began well over 100 years ago. In the past, these educators remained on the fringes of the body politic, too small to effect political outcomes in most American states. With the advent of mass communications across multiple media outlets, their influence has grown far out of proportion to their actual population, and the fruits of these Euro-American educators now threaten to corrupt an increasingly ignorant and publically ill-educated population.

Make no mistake, the hard work, diligence and devotion to progressive democratic reform that The Paideia School promulgates, as do hundreds of other nests of conspirators, is poison to the Republic, and the passion for far left liberal values, such as unfettered immigration, redistribution of wealth and ultimately, control of a docile, entertained and easily manipulated American population is much nearer to fulfilment than most imagine.

Jonathan Ossoff could easily be the poster boy for the new American male, thin, reedy, educated and obedient to the cause, and of course, under the influence of his masters. He is the spawn of the Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Obama. Ossoff is the real “Threat of the Century,” not Putin, not Trump, not Sanders, not the nasty little boy in Pyongyang. He must be defeated! Thank God the Republicans nominated the best they had…  oh, …they didn’t did they… they nominated Karen… Karen… you know, what’s her name…uh…

Full Editorial Disclosure: a child of mine attended Paideia, as have the children of acquaintances. And don’t get me wrong, Paideia offers an excellent educational experience.  It is a fine school for your child to attend, as long as you don’t mind supping with your commie-pinko leftist sympathizer at Christmas, I mean Kwanzaa, or Santa Claus Day, or Chanukah, or the Feast of the Winter Solstice or the Happy Holidays Day or the usual day the Georgia Bulldogs play in a “Bowl” Game, Roll Tide!

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A Prayer for the 114th Congress of the United States of America

Once, in “another” Georgia, in a time well before the Age of Millennials, there existed a righteous culture whose people lived under the Rule of Laws, first, God’s Law, and then under those Laws of their own making; who expected that the neighbors they sent to Congress would abide always and absolutely by His Laws, and would work diligently to craft their Laws so to reflect and apply His Laws in the general cause of Justice, Equality and Liberty for all. They spoke not of Freedom from Religion, but Freedom of Religion; not of Separation of Church and State, but of Separate Church and State; not of removing God from Schools, but of seeking His protection for Schools, to allow teachers, parents, administrators and students to seek wisdom in peace and harmony with each other. Men and women educated in such schools volunteered to seek office not for personal gain, or to promote Party ideology, but to seek to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Such were the obedient and righteous people of Protestant and Catholic America, as yet untarnished by rapacious materialism, egregious consumerism and the spawn of social engineering, and its companion, unfettered sexual narcissism. These men and women would fall upon knees calloused in prayerful pose to give thanks to their Creator, and praise to their Savior, and to entreat Grace from the Holy Ghost.

These Americans believed in God, read His word, sought His counsel, and lived, albeit imperfectly, in obedience to His will, and in all things just and moral sought moderation, understanding and holiness.

Can you imagine telling your neighbors today that you seek holiness? That you seek to live a godly life, that you desire to discern God’s Will, and obey it? Would you even dare tell them that you believe in God, and can you, for no particular reason at all, confess to them that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God?

Once, in that other Georgia, people gathered on Sunday to do just that, to proclaim His glory and promote a just and lasting Nation, led by men and women of Faith. No not everybody voted, but everybody had a voice, and on Sundays those voices, man and woman and child, rose in joyful harmony to Heaven, where prayers are heard and answered, where all men and women are equal, where innocent children await their parents, where husbands cherish their wives and mothers smile at their child’s delights.

This prayer below, in some like form, is as old as this Nation. Such was said by our first President, George Washington, in whose church pew I have sat, and whose Anglican denomination I share. This text dates from the early 19th Century, but remains in use today for worship in the 1928 Prayer Book of the Protestant Episcopal Church and many Contemporary American Anglican and Anglo-Catholic Congregations.

I would call to your attention that the Prayer for Congress implies a Judeo-Christian constituted Congress, and implores God to “direct and prosper” members of Congress, acting in concert with their Faith and respective denominations, so to benefit themselves and all of us in actions and ways peculiarly absent from a majority of those who currently serve us in the Congress of these United States of America.

You may conclude, as I have, that we have broken trust with those who came before us, with those who sought to form a more perfect Union, with those whose blood consecrated that Union and with those whose sacrifices continue to be offered in the name of all humanity; and further, that we have broken Faith with God and abandoned the very source of strength that enlightened and animated our Founding Fathers and propelled us to our place in history. Finally, let me plead with you to pray for our Congress and our President, if not with these words, then with your own. For only God can Bless America, indeed, only God can Save America, and only God can make America “Great Again.”   + + +

A Prayer for Congress.
To be used during their Session.

MOST gracious God, we humbly beseech thee, as for the people of these United States in general, so especially for their Senate and Representatives in Congress assembled; that thou would be pleased to direct and prosper all their consultations, to the advancement of thy glory, the good of thy Church, the safety, honour, and welfare of thy people; that all things may be so ordered and settled by their endeavours, upon the best and surest foundations, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established among us for all generations. These and all other necessaries, for them, for us, and thy whole Church, we humbly beg in the Name and mediation of Jesus Christ, our most blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

The Book of Common Prayer, Page 35, The Seabury Press, New York A.D. MDCCCCLIII

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