Birthers, Identity, National Origin and President Obama

Again, on the fringes of the marginal media, we see an eruption of “Birther” controversies, fingering President Obama as an alien, as an interloper, and presenting copies of documents conclusively proving each disputational assertion.

I am less interested in documents, I am well aware that forgeries exist. What is of grave concern to me is that I am unaware of anyone who was a contemporary of the President at Columbia remembering him, relating stories and anecdotes about him as a student, and sharing those with the Press and Public.

I attended classes at multiple Universities for one or two semesters using credentials provided me by appropriate authorities. If our government was able to easily create identity documents and transcripts as needed for its purposes, does anyone doubt that the Soviets could not do the same?

Would such nefarious actions not be even more easily accomplished at the Eastern Universities that the President attended? It would not stretch the truth to assert that many administrators and professors of Columbia and Harvard share the sympathies of his parents and grandparents.

Understand, I am not accusing the President of being a Soviet Agent, I am simply stating that his agnostic and socialist tendencies are far more akin to Marx, Lenin, Fromm and Marcuse, and of course, Saul Alinsky whose book, “Rules for Radicals,” was and remains the bible of Community Organizing. Alinsky founded communist cells through America, abusing and betraying the very Constitution that allowed him to work so diligently and publicly to undermine the Republic. I believe the tracks of the Frankfort School are found deeply embedded in the President’s Ideology and contempt of individual rights. But what’s new there? Hillary Clinton famously mouthed the socialist mantra “It takes a village to raise a child, ” which may well be true when the mother is crack addict, or dependent on entitlements, or by choice a “single” mother of multiple paternal children, or a scholar on a full ride at Brown, Columbia, Harvard, the New School, or Smith, among other prominent EuroAmerican Universities.

No, the President is no dupe, no “Manchurian Candidate.” He is a willing participant in the global equalization of wealth and rights of all mankind, subject to the will of intellects of “superior quality.” The President’s heritage is not the American Revolution, but the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, and his preferred “revolutions” are those of France and Russia, and the anti-colonialist Revolutions of the last half of the Twentieth Century.

The real Dupes? The American Middle Class, whose earnest desire for material goods and pursuit of the “America Dream,” a coy marketing phrase and hackneyed political conduplicato, allows Americans, with five percent of the world’s population, to consume roughly twenty percent of its economic output and produce half of its solid waste.

The President may yet eclipse his role of Chief Executive Officer of this nation, and be appointed, by World acclimation, to a powerful new post, President, not just Secretary General, of the United Nations. At least I am certain that is what he dreams of, those are the real “Dreams of his Father.”

But then who wants to believe such melodramatic fantasies? Who would wish for one world government, for wealth distribution and equalization, and the value of the collective as superior to the individual. Well, Gene Roddenberry for one, and then there are the hundreds of college kids who sat or laid draped before or with me in swirls of psychedelic smoke, illuminated by black lights and bees wax candles, clutching their little “Red Books” of Chairman Mao, and spouting the amoral dictums of social hedonism and agnosticism with which their publicly paid Professors and T.A’s so joyfully filled their infantile minds.

It becomes clear then, the President may be a sociopath, or a socialist ideologue, but he certainly is not an idiot, but a genius, a grand actor, perhaps even a great imposter, but he got himself elected, and you or I didn’t. What a magnificent fraud he is, perhaps, even if not the Antichrist, then surely a precursor.

Who to blame? Adam and Eve? The builders of the tower of Babel? The Children of Jacob, who just couldn’t obey a few, ten, commands of God? The Citizens of the Democracy of Athens, who loved Wine, Wealth and a drink of Hemlock for those who disagreed. The Roman Senate, who feared the loss of wealth and position more than the loss of freedom? The Roman Catholic Church, who sold passes to heaven, and collected, and even still does, the wages of Sin? Christians in general? Who really haven’t been martyred in great numbers since the Third Century AD, not CE, preferring to embrace Islam, and Communism and Fascism, preferring to stand by and watch as millions are slaughtered over numerous and venal causes. Abraham Lincoln, who established firmly in the American Psyche the principle that the ends justify the means?

And then there is me, I who spurned responsibility, fearing the sword hanging above, and sought after perfection in men, seeking an honest man to follow. Double damned, Damocles and Diogenes. And now, as I suggest partition or even succession, I live in a culture where every man’s opinion is the equal of mine, or yours, and we, birthed as the new Jerusalem, have forgotten that we are all fallen. Sin has always been the cause of us, the justification of our Republic, and now we live in a world without sin, without judgment. A European or EuroAmerican world where monarchs and tyrants and popes have led mankind astray, where “life” begins at a point of convenience, and where a very intelligent mulatto is either a genius or a pawn, and it matters little which.

God help America, God help us all. + + +


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